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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post on the Hermes forum, so hello! I am selling a couple of my Chanel bags to purchase a Hermes piece. I already own a vintage Kelly and another vintage Hermes bag (of which I don't know the name of). My question is, what are your opinions on which bag I should purchase? I will be purchasing pre owned as funds won't allow to buy new.
    Unfortunately my budget won't stretch to a Birkin, so what would you recommend? TIA :smile:
  2. I can recommend a pre-owned Lindy, Evelyn, Double sens, Garden Party, depending on the purpose of use.
  3. Thanks for replying. I would like a bag to take from daytime to evening if possible. I quite like the look of the Bolide, but not sure if it is too big to be carried on the shoulder successfully.
  4. Daley or drag or plume
  5. Bolide is a great choice. It's classic and is commonly available in three sizes so I am sure you will find the right size for you as you investigate your options. Good luck on your journey to finding your dream bag!:smile:
  6. Dalvy, drag and bolide would be my first stop as well as they are nicely priced usually on the resale market. I don't own a dalvy or drag but do have 2 bolides, one a 27 in vert anise chevre the other is a 31 in Epsom in bougainvillea. The 27 due to its size is very ladylike. A 31 may be rather large for evening depending on the event. I can see a Dalvy going from day to evening especially if it is black and most of the ones I see are box leather. Be sure to read doc ride's thread on how to care for box. Welcome aboard and happy purse hungting!
  7. Evelyn or a picotin
  8. Agreed with bolide 27👍👍👍
    You can wear it with strap for day time use.
    Hand held for evening with nice twilly for little bit of twist 😉
    Good luck deciding!!!!
  9. Bolide or lindy or Constance
  10. I say dalvy (see my avatar) bolide 31 or plume. I have all 3 and all can transition nicely from day to evening. Bolide has the added luxury of having a shoulder strap.
  11. since you are looking for a daytime to evening bag

    i would recommend plume =)

    it is readily available in boutiques in asia as of now, i recently purchased one and i love it

    starting from 28, they include inner pockets which are important to me

    //please correct me if i am wrong with sizes..

    regarding other mentions

    1. bolide is also classic, and they can come with a shoulder strap, which may be a deal maker

    2. picotin are chic, but does not zip/close completely, which may be a deal breaker dependent on your lifestyle and where you live.

    3. lindy is great if you can get your hands on smaller versions to transition into evening - but i once had my cellphone stolen from the outside pocket in Shanghai, which of course scarred me..

    4. Dalvy, i have no experience with

    5. constance if you could get your hands on, but i do think that it does not hold too much for day.
  12. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I have been looking at Bolides, but not really how successful they would be carried on the shoulder. If anyone has a picture they could post it would be appreciated. I struggle with large bags as I am only 5 feet tall, so they tend to dwarf me. My Kelly is a 28 which is just about right.
  13. Check out the "Ode to the Bolide" thread...lots of pics of the Bolide being carried there. For example here http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-clubhouse/ode-to-the-bolide-79563-425.html and http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-clubhouse/ode-to-the-bolide-79563-391.html#post28884465
  14. I'd say "keep your eyes on the prize". Save up a little longer and perhaps get a pre-loved B. Don't stray off course.
  15. I agree with bolide 27.
    It is very easy to carry using shoulder strap or as a hand bag.
    Mine is ostrich and I find it good for day or evening depending on your outfit. But of course is not the evening clutch type. You mentioned you want a pre loved one due to budget and pre loved bolides are very affordable.
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