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  1. So a little while back I opened a tread about what graffiti keepall I should get, but since in Amsterdam the chance of getting one is close to zero I moved an and bought myself a new imac, this did however limited my LV budget so I have 2 options now with an €750 budget.

    option 1
    Graphite Renzo

    option 2 aka go crazy on accessories
    Cles Damier Ebony
    Cles Monogram
    Passport cover (either ebony or mono)
    Birth of Modern Luxury
    Paris City Guide
    International cellphone shoulder strap
    6 key holder (graphite or ebony or mono)

    as you can see I love LV accessoiries even more than bags but I already own about 10 accesoiries so I don't know when it will be to much accessoiries :biggrin:

    Please help me decide or tell me that I am crazy :P
  2. tough choices, I would get the graphite Renzo before the next price increase the other items won't be affected as much.. but they are equally tempting, sorry I'm no help. Good Luck with whatever you choose :smile:
  3. My problem exactly, but as far as I now there won't be a price increase in europe? I could be wrong however
  4. I'd get the Renzo. Graphite's hot. :yes:
  5. renzo. you can always get the accessories randomly.
  6. renzo!
  7. Wow... tough one!
    Both options are great...
    I'd go crazy with the accesories since I own 4 bags own 2 lugage pieces (I don't think I need another bag yet), I'm moving on to wallets and cles and Key holders...
    Do you own another messenger bag?
    What accesories do you already have?
  8. I'd go with the Renzo since you already have 10 accessories!

    Good Luck deciding!
  9. I already own 2 messengers and I own:
    Wapity black multicolor
    Agenda PM mono
    Agenda MM mono
    Agenda PM mono with keepall on the front
    Marco Wallet Graphite
    Iphone Case Graphite
    Iphone Case Monogramouflage
    Marco Wallet Azur
    Force Belt Graphite
    Reversible Belt Graphite
    Mono Belt
  10. I'd get the Renzo... you have plenty accesories, and I like the cles very much and the Passport cover, but I think a messenger like Renzo to be more useful than The Birth of Modern Luxury and a Paris City Guide...

    Good luck on your choice! (you can't go wrong either way :smile:)
  11. Well the problem is I haven't used either of my messenger for nearly 2 months :S, since I don't want to carry them to school or work anymore they accesooiries really became my guilt pleasures :P
  12. Well, then it's a tougher desicion then! lol

    I'd get this:
    Cles Damier Ebony
    Cles Monogram
    Passport cover (either ebony or mono)
    6 keys holder
    And something in black Epi leather like Zippy coin wallet
    or a Pocket organizer in Nomade

    Evidence sunglasses
    1 Cles
    Passport Cover
  13. What can the pocket organizer be used for?
  14. #14 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    I use it when I don't want to carry big wallets like Porte Valeurs or Brazza... it fits about 4 or 5 CC and some folded bills... And I love Nomade leather! (Mine's Damier Ebene though)
  15. Well I would have to see it IRL first, but I really want birth of modern luxury :P and the Paris city guide (which I will actually use since I go to Paris about 3-4 times a year)