What to choose between these jobs?

  1. I am currently employed with a part time position in retail field. Approximately 20-25 hours per week, the hourly pay is not bad. I also love everyone I work with and have lots of opportunities at the job. The only down side would be the stress, lack of benefits and security at the job.

    About two weeks ago I went to an interview for a full time position with a corporate owned retail company after being recruited at my current job. Had interviews with the immediate manager and assistant manager, and had a second interview to talk about my expected salary and turn in background checks and references. They did mention in the first interview that the hiring process might take a little longer as they are not in need of new staff. They thought I was a little lack of experience and not too match with the brand image. However, on the second interview she did mention that there will be uniform provided. She told me she would prepare an offer at the end of the interview. I contacted her a couple days after the second interview to ask about the process and she replied me that she's been busy with other things and would contact me after its all done.

    While I am still waiting for the response, I got an offer for a job I interviewed many months ago. It was conducted before I started my current job and the store manager told me there was something wrong about my background check two months after the interview. I got a full time position offer from this company, and would be completed after turning in a couple documents. The pay would be less attractive compare to the one I interviewed two weeks ago but comparable to my current job. And there would be less stress, more benefits and security.

    Now I do not know what I should do? I feel like if I am not going to be hired for the second job I would at least get an email/phone call since I did not apply for the position but instead got recruited.

    First choice, stay at current job no changing.
    Second choice, stay at current job and wait for the result of the interview.
    Third choice, go with the job offer.
    Forth choice, go with the job offer but continue to work at current job.
  2. When do you have to respond to the job offer by?

    When did the other company say that would get back to you by?

    Others might have different opinions, but if you have a hard deadline by which you have to respond to the first job offer, you can let the second company know that you have an outstanding offer so you would like to know if they could get back to you by that deadline.
  3. I promised to respond by next week. The other company didn't give me any information regarding the process.
  4. Well, do you want your current job (Job A), the job you have an offer for (Job B), or the job that you are hoping to get an offer (Job C)?

    If you are set on leaving Job A for Job B (or Job C), then I would contact Job C and let them know that while Job C is still your first choice, you have an offer from Job B that you need to respond to, and you would appreciate hearing back from Job C (in writing) before your Job B deadline. If they can, they will. If they can't, well so be it.

    If you would not take Job B over your current Job A, then just let it slide and say no to Job B. You can keep waiting on Job C if you really want that job over your current Job A.
  5. call the job you want and let the lady know you have a job pending and you need to hear by her by (time).
    usually potential employers appreciate that info...