What to carry at a nightclub?

  1. Tomorrow is my best friend´s bday. She is will celebrate it at a nightclube since she loves them but I hate them, well not hate them butI dont like it, I dont smoke , I dont drink alcoholic beverages and rarely I dance so... nothing 4 me in a place like that but she´s my best friend so I cant be absent...

    anyway I´m thinking of what 2 carry well if I can carry anything LV because I´ve heard sth about the smoke makes sth to the vachetta, not sure what so I´m worried aboutit would crack it or anything like that, or worse that the odor would stay there, if not please tell me

    My few options are: wapity, mono cles, damier cles perfo cles and perfo plate

    I also need sth to carry with me cz ifI leave itina table it will dissapear in seconds, but not so bulky but roomy enough to carry ateleast my cell phone , cash and cards.

    Would you help me? thanks!!!
  2. wapity or pochette, if you dont meed much with you, as in touch up makeup just take your cles.
  3. I say that wapity will be the most practical...and it's like a clutch and not super bulky so it'll work great!!
  4. What about a mini pochette accessoires? There's like a teeeny strip of vachetta on that, or just stick with a cles, those are great at nightclubs!
  5. I dont have it, it´s funny, I´m a boy hehe :P
  6. I just read the other thread about our ages, you're 17 and going to a nightclub?
  7. what kind of phone do you have? if its thin enough, it may fit in the perfo cles, since its a bit bigger than a regular cles. if not, i think a wapity prob will be your best bet.
  8. yps hahah in fact girls and boys 15 years old they go to nightclubs... here in Mexico are no rules I guess... That´s another think I dont like about them
  9. my cell phonedoes fit in theperfo cles but it loks bulky but I think that will be my choice if I needsth hands free i couldattach it to myjeans, i dontlike howit looks but in the darkness nobody will see it ha.
  10. I defianetly think that u should take the wapity as #1 or if not that then the pochette as #2.:yes:
  11. I vote wapity. And try to have a good time with your friend!:heart: :smile: :heart:
  12. I vote Wapity here since you need to carry cell and some cards. Perfect option!
  13. wapity..i use that for clubbing all the time
  14. Lucky! I wish I could go drinking at age 15...
    I don't like clubs either, but I love going to the bar with my boyfriend/coworkers.
    Have fun tomorrow!
  15. Wapity here too. I think everything you need will fir it it and you'll look fab with it.
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