What to buy....

  1. we are going to be in Vegas in a few weeks and I REALLY want to buy a purse there but i dont know which one. I just got the Mono Riveting i love it but i cant go to Vegas and not buy a purse :p

    Anyways, i have right now the riveting, the perfo speedy 30 and the multicolor speedy 30. I think i really want another speedy, its just my favorite right now. :heart: I was thinking maybe the Damier Speedy 25, i dont have a 25 yet and it would be a little different but it is a good idea when the 30 is bigger and not that much more money? OR maybe i could find another type of purse that i like as much.....OR maybe if the Speedy Dentelle is out and i can actually find one, but will that even be possible? I could always just get some really small items too....

    What do you guys think?
  2. I'm bias and love the 25 in speedy. Damier Speedy 25 gets my vote.
  3. have a wonderful time and i agree a damier would round out your collection....if you love the speedy style, than go for it!
  4. But if you're feeling overwhelmed buy an accessory - a pomme cles would look lovely on your riveting bag too
  5. Damier would be great, no matter which size :yes:
  6. I think the damier speedy is very pretty, and maybe one of the stores will have the azur in if that's something on your wishlist.
  7. why not a shoulder bag
    u should get a batignolles now that is cheaper
  8. I suggest getting a shoulder bag as well... the Popincourt Haut is PERFECT!
  9. i actually do have one shoulder bag, it was my first ever LV. it is the Large Croisant (i know i have the name or the spelling wrong and thats why i didnt list it earlier) i dont think they make it anymore, and i actually loved carrying it. SO that might be a GREAT idea....thanks for the idea!
  10. damier speedy!
  11. i love the speedy so i don't think it's too redundant.. and 25 hols plenty for me so i don't know whatever you think
  12. [​IMG]
    Saleya PM - $885

    Epi Speedy 25 - $840 (I'd get the red...it's my fave)

    you know this one...

    Denim Pleaty - $1210 - i think it's so hot, but can't afford it...so naturally,you should get it so I can live vicariously through you! :shame:

    Have fun!!
  13. How about an AZUR speedy ???
  14. Maybe an accessory? A pochette that you could easily slip out of one of those bags for the night? Or a flat purse in Pomme :biggrin:
  15. these are are such wonderful suggestions! its actually made it worse for me LOL

    i do like the AZUR too all of them all of them! i will just have to go look at everything in person i guess, but its good to see that everyone agrees that another speedy is good. as long as it isnt monogram it should add nicely to my small collection.