What to buy :)

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  1. Ok so I have just been given a bit of money about (£1300) by my dad as he sold off some shares for me ... I want another new bag ... I am not sure what to get --- I dont want to spend all my money on a bag but a bit would be ok . LOL

    - either the trapeze pm in pink or brown


    - perforated speedy in green or pink


    - perforated pouchette in green/ pink


    - onatah GM in yellow (the one without the flowers)

    Also does anyone have any idea of how long the perforated itmes will be around for and does anyone have a pic of them modelling it - Is the perforated speedy the same size as the mc speedy - as I love the bag but would think think that would be to big for me for everyday use.
  2. Lucky girl! There is a photo of Lindsay Lohan with her perforated Speedy in Celebrity Gossip :biggrin: I vote for the Trapeze PM in pink, since I'm not a fan of the perforated Speedy, I think the pochette is too small for what it costs and I only like the Onatah with the flowers on it :nuts:
  3. Kimmmy am buying One Hopefully within Hours .. i dont know what to choose between Fushia or Orange ....

    in my city they'd been released and 2 shipments so far had arrived since they were Out
  4. aare you from the uk chloe
  5. I love the trapeze but have never seen it IRL. Its currently not avaiable on lvuk only the gm is... it soooo much cheaper on lvuk compared to elux ...
  6. no am from middle east =)
  7. I'm not a fan of the perforated line but which one do you like most? If you like htem equally, maybe the Trapeze?
  8. Do you not like the green - I think the green is most popular in the UK followed by the pink -- I think the pink also is nices than than the yellow. On lvluk you can get a perforated speedy easily - they do normally hav ethem in stock ... is the perforated speedy the same size as the mc speedy >>> Anyone

  9. I am not sure and I DO like the perforated ... I like to collect the ltd peices... do you know how long they will be availiable for??
  10. I think the perforated pochette is really cute. I'm fairly certain that the Speedy is the same size as the regular speedy, and if you don't think you'll carry a lot, the pochette might be best.
  11. pink trapeze :smile:
  12. I vote for the pink Trapeze as well!
  13. I decided totally against LV this month and brough myself a whiskey paddingotn it arrives on Tuesday - i am sooooooooo excited , so maybe an LV next month LOL
  14. perforated speedy in pink

  15. Pink Trapeze