What to buy?!

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  1. I am currently faced with the dilemma of buying a new mulberry bag!
    Some of the choices i have come up with are:
    -gingerbread hayden messenger
    -alexa (not sure which colour)
    -daria satchel
    -something else!

    Any ideas what else i could consider? TIA! :biggrin:
  2. i also quite like the look of the E/W mitzy!
  3. Not a bays? I feel like I'm always 'pushing' the bays but they are gorgeous.

    I like the OL print on some of the mitzy's. I haven't tried any mitzy's on for size so I don't know how comfy they are, the handle always looks a bit stiff to me, but I don't own one so I could be wrong!

    There are infinite options at the moment in the alexa style, it depends what you need it for?
  4. Actually thinking about it, if u like the shape of the Daria Satchel u might like the Greta Satchel? You'd need a penchant for tassles though! It has the same sort of strap arrangement as he daria satchel :smile:
  5. Bays, before they go up...
  6. Alexa!
  7. Now that's a dilemma ;)

    Anything particular you want the bag to be used for? How much do you need to carry with you? Any particular style (shoulder, messenger etc)?

    Out of those on the list I'd say Daria satchel!
    Out of other gorgeous bags I'd say bays too, as they're due to go up (it seems). Or a Mitzy messenger? Or a fabulous Lily?
  8. How about Leah? :smile:
  9. I'd say e/w mitzy! I saw one irl the other day and it looked so lovely :tup:!!
  10. I've recently bought the E/w Mitzy in the grape leopard and have to say that I really like it. It hold a decent amount of stuff and the handle sits nicely on the shoulder. It also has the added bonus of having a messenger strap which is a good length too.
    I vote E/W Mitzy, but would advise going to a store and trying them all out and making sure that you pick one with a lovely grain :biggrin:
  11. Does the E/W Mitzy close securely? I am a bit hesitant because of the open top (wider that on regular Mitzy). I agree that the leather is stunning!
  12. Thank you for all your suggestions! I already have a bays and would like to try something else before buying another one!
    I guess i'll go to HoF and see what catches my eye! ;)