what to buy?!?!

  1. i have approx 450.00 to spend on a bag...which coach bag would you get and why?!
    i've been looking at the bleeker flap bag in signature and in all leather...just can't seem to make up my mind...thoughts? opinions? TIA!!!!
  2. A large Carly! Classic, wear it with anything. Great all around basic bag that's too die for!
  3. is there a denim patchwork medium carly?
  4. Yes. It's soooo cute! I don't know if they are still available at JAX, but you might try...I think the style number is 10814 in color Indigo.
  5. I LOVE the Carly. Carly is always a good choice. I would also like to suggest either an Ergo Tote or a Bleecker Duffle. I have fallen in love with these bags. They are both great everyday bags and come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  6. A Madeline or a Legacy Shoulder bag.
  7. I love my all leather bleeker flap - it's become my favorite as it goes with everything and is a great shoulder bag. I am looking to get another color or sig in this style it's that great!
  8. these are always hard posts wout knowing what u already have. i love my carly (med) also think the ergo hobos are cute and so is the new hamptons hobo.
  9. Carlys don't stay on my shoulder. If you are going to splurge I would get Coach Leather not Sig. The bleeker flaps in Leather are wonderful. I have a small wine hobo, I love my whiskey legacy too....Good luck deciding.
  10. I would probably choose a leather ergo tote or a leather Carly. If you could find a Legacy shoulder bag at an outlet that would be an option too plus then you would spend even less $$. Those are three classic bags, in leather.

  11. I say go for the ALL LEATHER! The Bleecker Flap is a beautiful bag...Why the all leather you may ask?...Because it's cleanable...And quite frankly in my opinion...An all leather bag just so classy...And...NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE! Though the sig. flap is a beautiful bag...The all leather one you can clean it...and in my opinion...years from now will just keep getting more beautiful with age.
  12. I would agree w/a lot of the posts on here, definitely go w/a large carly, its such a classy all around gorgeous bag... i'm waiting to get one also, except i just bought a COACH spring bag from the heritage collection, but i would definitely recommend one, plus it fits so nicely and comfortably on the shoulder... :tup:
  14. I would go to the boutique, check out the new floorset and see what catches your eye. That way you can try on bags as well and see what fits perfectly.

    Or, you can check out the outlet since they are getting deletes this week!

    Good luck!
  15. Do you have an outlet nearby? Maybe you can wait a couple of weeks to see the rumored 07 legacy items that are expected to go to the outlets. For $450, you might be able to get two bags! Is there anything in the current floorset that catches your eye?

    For $450, I would say LEATHER! :drool: