What to buy??

  1. Hey gals... I have $500 that was going to be an extra chunk toward my car payment but I've just been having such a terrible time lately that I really need to just buy myself something small. I'm trying to resolve a (paid!) parking ticket with a collections agency, straighten out my insurance to get a precancerous birthmark removed, decide if the SO and I can manage to move ourselves to a new apt (probably impossible- and not a single person to ask for help) etc... (see the shi**y day thread in general discussion)

    so anyway- I just need a little treat. Probably an accessory- maybe a wallet if I can manage to get to an outlet. Any suggestions? My only coach is a soho pebbled hobo, so I'm open to anything :smile:
  2. to clarify- I still want to put $400 or so toward the car- I'm not going to blow all $500 (not quite that upset :smile:) So I am looking for an accessory around $100. Thanks :smile:
  3. I just wanted to say I commend you for keeping that money towards your debt.. that's awesome!!! :yes: As far as getting something, I would suggest, like you said, going to the outlet.. it just varies so much what they have from time to time. you could get a wristlet, a keyfob, charm, accessory, wallet, or you may even find you can get another purse for not much more! Good Luck with all you are struggling through, and keep on going, I am going through paying off credit cards right now and stopping the spending cycle and it sounds like you really have your head on straight!!! :tup:
  4. Thanks for the support- I really needed a response. I am feeling a little invisible in the real world lately! Maybe going to the outlet would be more fun- I wouldnt know what I was getting so it would be more like a present :smile: Or I would really like the silver and pond sig bracelet!
  5. How about a cute wallet to go with your pebbled soho and maybe a keyfob or charm to dress up your bag? Those are my fav. kinds of treats if Im not looking for a bag.
  6. When I read the first post I was :wtf: But I also commend you for still putting alot into the car payment. :yes: I would suggest a cute wristlet because it can be used by itself, a scarf, or a pair of their tennis shoes! All three items are fun, comfortable, and under 100 dollars.
  7. let us know what goodie you score!!!

    i hope things start looking up for you soon - i know the feeling all the way...

    HAVE A GREAT DAY! look up at the clouds & take a deep breath, see what happens next : )
  8. I think I like the idea of a wallet the best- I realized that last time I was at coach, I snuck my credit card out of my wallet while it was still in my bag... its a ratty old wilson's leather one and I was a little embarrassed! Until I joined the forum I never gave a second thought to wallets- just kept buying bags bags bags! Its such a temptation to go buy the carly I've been dying for, but this $400 payment to my car equals almost 3 monthly payments... by paying early I've made it down from 4 years of payments to 3! I'm headed to the outlet on saturday now. SO excited :smile: