What to buy!!?!?!


What should I buy!?!

  1. Epi Alma in Black (silver hardware)

  2. Epi Alma in New Red

  3. Epi Alma in Ivory

  4. Lockit Horizontal

  5. Dentelle BH

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  1. Hi All -

    I will start by saying I need nothing and really seem to use my standard bags more than some of the funkier ones.

    Would you buy...

    The Epi Alma (in red, ivory or black)
    The Lockit Horizontal
    Dentelle BH in Silver (assuming I can find it!)

    I appreciate ALL the advice!
  2. Dentelle BH would be nice.
  3. I am in love with the Lockit Horizontal.

    it is so classy and gorgeous!
  4. If you love all equally and only want one, I'd go for the Dentelle, it's limited and you wont be able to get it later.
  5. I vote for the epi alma in ivory.
  6. Thanks to all! I do love the ivory!!
  7. I voted for the epi black alma. I actually saw this bag when I was in the boutique last week and it is gorgeous!

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. The Ivorie Epi Alma would be GORGEOUS.
  9. I would go for the dentelle BH. It not super off the wall crazy...but I tend to like the fun bags more than the ultra classy ones ...that being said I do own classic bags as well so you really need to get what you know you love
  10. I would definitely buy the dentelle BH if my funds will permit right now! the silver adds character and besides the BH is so functional...at least for me...:yes:
  11. I voted for the Dentelle BH -- I really like it and it is limited. However, I also like the Epi Alma in black -- it's classic and gorgeous.
  12. I voted for the LH.. but if not that, I'd say the Ivoire Alma.
  13. Dentelle BH vote here.
  14. i vote for Lockit Horizontal.........
  15. Maybe the Dentelle...