What to buy. [Woman Wallet]

  1. Hello,

    My name is John and until this week, sad to say, I have never purchased a purse or handbag for anyone. However one of my best friend's birthday is coming up and she is a really good friend and I want to get her something nice. I am in college btw.

    I was thinking about buying her a nice womens wallet or something along those lines. I actually was partially responsible for ruining her wallet during a chem lab. Those acids can really burn a hole in things. She has a lot handbags already and I really want to get her a wallet, but here is the thing, I have no idea where to start.

    She is very attrative young woman and also one of the brighest person I know, also very fashionable. She seems to like the short wallet type, not the long contiental kind.
    As for brands, I think she likes Prada and Gucci, those are the only 2 I know, other brand suggestsions are more than welcome.

    I actually spend a hour or 2 looking through online and I got a lot of websites, I checked out Edesignershop.com and Blufly but I just cannt decide on which one.

    So I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations. I work at a few jobs in my sparetime so I have some money to spend around. Being a waitor is good business these days.

    So any recommendations are great and thank you so much.

  2. ahhh John you sound a complete sweetheart, I am sure whichever you choose she is going to love as, you have chosen it :smile:

    I also prefer short wallets, I have just ordered the Fendi B wallet which is a great alternative to Prada and Gucci,

    Piccies here,

  3. prada and gucci are good, especially if you get ones that are solid (black/brown). Even the louis vuitton line would be good, the style goes with just about everything.
  4. Welcome, and what a lovely thing you're doing. That wallet you said you ruined, what brand was it? Is she a strictly designer label kind of person? Is a wallet the only present you're considering, how about other gifts? Does she by any chance love to read?
  5. Hi, thanks you guys so much for suggestions, I will check them out asap.

    And yes, she does love to read and write a lot. And any other gift ideas would be great.

    I actually is not sure about the brand of the wallet that I ruined. Sorry, she was looking for something and left her wallet on the table. And I just accidentally knocked over some acids over them....but it was light pink with leathered exterior...it that helps, sorry...

    I dont think she is a strict designer label person. Like she doesnt have a car and I occassionally have to take her shopping and she just buys whatever she likes, regardless of the store.



    P.S- I just search through the forums and realized that edesignershop.com might be fake?
  6. Cole Haan and Coach has wallets you may want to take a look at.
  7. Checkout Eluxury for sure!!! Louis vuitton has some GREAT short wallets!! I hope you find something!
  8. Good luck, very nice of you.
  9. Try Blooomingdales and Nordstrom online. Good luck John
  10. your adorable, how about a Paul Smith Wallet? A multicolour leather stripy one?