What to buy with $600 credit at coach?

  1. I just returned a bag that someone had bought me and received a $600 credit at Coach. Woohoo!! Now, the problem is deciding what to buy. I feel like I have so many choices which makes it even more confusing. I have been searching for a tote. I saw the gallery tote IRL and the suede just makes it impractical for me, especially during snowy days. I like the size for the shoulder tote, but it doesn't close on the top and it also appears boxy, but I like the clearance on the shoulder. The soho totes aren't for me either, I don't like the pockets on the sides. I like the carry all's but the shoulder clearance bothers me, the business carry all size is too big, so maybe the medium or large would be better. Or, should I wait for the new stuff to come out in the end of October??
  2. with all the legacy stuff i want it would be gone in no time.....but if you aren't in love i'd wait
  3. i have the large carry all and i love it. i saw one at Macy's that was the chocolate brown and i fell in love with it but did not want 2 that were made alike.
  4. I'd hit the outlets with it. LOL! I have never purchased from the full-priced store yet.
  5. I really like the book totes, those are very stylish. But if you aren't in a hurry, you should wait to see the new stuff, just in case!
  6. Legacy! Hippie bag in whiskey, stripey coinpurse & matching scarf :heart::yes:
  7. ^^second this! I have the coin purse that goes EVERYWHERE with me, love just dangling it as I walk, and have gotten so many compliments on the hair scarf! I didn't like the coin purse at first actually, I was going to return it, but now its my most favorite piece yet! Go figure huh? LOL if not the hippie I would go with the satchel!
  8. FWIW, I have never had a problem with Coach suede in the rain or snow. It's the one line of bags where I've found the suede to be as durable as the leather. YMMV, of course. :smile:
  9. heh i love have the gallerry tote!!! yes the suede annoying! but i love it! and it does have a zipper on the top! but just be careful with the suede =D i recommand it!
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