what to buy with $1200

  1. hello ladies! i have managed to save $1200 and now i am having a hard time deciding on what to buy. tia

    1. azur pochette, red epi pochette, denim flat pouch

    2. black epi honfleur and a pochette

    3. minilin speedy 30 in dune and a pochette

    4. white epi speedy or rep epi speedy.

    5. or should i just keep saving and get a neo cabby in black or denim baggy gm. ( but then, i already have big bags and i need some accessories. also i am not sure if it is worth spending that much money on a fabric bag. dont get me wrong they are gorgeous bags, just not sure how it will wear in a couple of years.

    everyone- thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. I'd go for the white or red Epi Speedy!:yes:
  3. Red epi speedy!
  4. I love the deniem bag
  5. i'd go w/#1 of all the choices. have you thought about maybe an Azur speedy & some Epi/Vernis accessories or wapity?
  6. Looking at what you already have ... looks like you need something RED ... so I suggest Red Epi Speedy or save up for the cabby ~ it's a fantastic bag!
  7. I'm biased maybe but the cabby is awesome and totally worth the $. What do you think of the trevi? That's what immediately jumped into my head!
  8. red epi speedy and a vernis cles/accessory!
  9. Wow...that's a tough one (great choices) I would go 1 or 3!
  10. I would go with a red epi speedy!
  11. Definately Red Epi Speedy! :drool:
  12. seeing what you have already, go for the black denim baggy, its so nice in person and you dont see that many people with it on
  13. either the epi speedy (I prefer red) or neo cabby
  14. red epi speedy! so cute.
  15. I vote for either choice #4 or 5 ... I love the white Epi...