what to buy, what to buy?

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  1. Ladies I need your help. I'd buy both but I already overshopped for my bday so I can only buy one. I'd really regret it if I don't purchase one of this. Help!:biggrin:

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  2. muse!! i loveee the muse :smile:
  3. Ooooh they are both very beautiful...Hard choice! But if I were you, I would go for the Muse.
  4. The Muse, definitely.
  5. I'm kind of feeling the muse on this one. I like the muse II but I think it looks best in the larger size.
  6. Muse!
  7. MUSE!! I :heart: mine!
  8. Muse!!
  9. I really like both, as they are different sizes go with the size you will use more!
  10. Muse, because I saw from some posts that this particular color of Muse II can get faded into yellowish color, not really a nice one. Also, bluish Muse II can have a fishy odor. For the money spent, Muse would be a safer choice for long lasting beauty, besides I LOVE this texture, and it is very easy to take care of. Muse II have peculiar leather, many are made out of porous leather, very prone to have stains fro just simple water drops.

    So my choice for Muse comes from not only choice of the type but practical side - I read a lot about it since I have one and is hard to take care
  11. MUSE!! defintely one of the most grgeous bags around.
  12. oh, definitely the muse, absolutely! it's tdf!!
  13. i'd go for the OS muse! :yahoo:
  14. Muse!