what to buy, what to buy......

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  1. I want a bag that looks cute dressed up(slacks or a dress) or down (jeans, hoodie, casual) either mono or damier that isn't gigantic (lol, i'm 5'3", 120 lbs), but holds a lot. i'm leaning towards the papillon 30, but another bag suggestion would be great.

    tysm! :smile:
  2. How about a Speedy
  3. My suggestions:
    Popincourt Haut
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Beverly MM
    Saleya MM
    Damier Manosque
  4. popincourt haut or cabas piano?
  5. Speedy, BH or a Cabas Piano
  6. I'm thinking I may just stay with the papillon 30...think that looks cute dressed up or down? Or is it too casual?

    The Beverly MM really got me when I looked at it...hmmmm haha thoughts on that one?
  7. I like the BH or Beverly MM.
  8. Get the Papillon 30 in Monogram! I have one and it is really cute!!! the more I use it, the more I love it! and you can hang the baby papillon outside of the bag, it makes it even cuter and different!

    I say "Get it!"
  9. speedy or pap sound good. :yes:
  10. Agree with Damier Manosque :smile: I also enc. MC Speedy, Alma & Le Fabu Suhali
  11. pap 30 damier or the coussin gm.
  12. Damier Alma, or Mono Lockit
  13. i'd say speedy!
  14. I'd go with the Beverly MM.
  15. the pap 30 sounds good but so does the beverly mm, hhmm maybe even a speedy 25????