what to buy next?

  1. when in bought my BH and my speedy 25 in june i said to myself it was a one time thing. As most of you on this forum there is now way to stick to one bag. i have 3 louis: speedy 25, bh, mono pochette.

    I like alof bags but i can't buy them all. I'm 5''5 and a size 12 and i made a list of thing i would like to have. I would really like some advice so maybe you can pick two items you think i can buy the best.

    damier speedy 25/30
    epi speedy 25 (black)
    epi pochette (black)
    mono wallet with zip pocket
    damier azur speedy 25
    cabas piano

  2. forgot to say that i'm 20 and a student
  3. ^^i know how you feel~~lol, im a full-time college student too, so far i only have one lv bag---denim baggy GM!!
    i really like LV small accessories, how about a wallet or agenda??i just got a damier koala agenda, its perfect!!!
  4. I would not get the Cabas. I have BH and Cabas and I never use my piano anymore :sad: The BH is so much more functional. I would pick from your list: Damier Speedy and the wallet.
  5. I'll choose wallet and Epi Pochette;)
  6. damier azur or the damier speedy
  7. I am madly in love with my mono pti wallet.
  8. damier or azure speedy and a wallet
  9. Damier azur speedy and wallet!
  10. A wallet to go with everything of course ! :biggrin:
  11. I'd get the Epi Speedy + one of the Damier Speedys :yes:
    I prefer spending all my money on bags, although I like wallets :P
  12. damier speedy and wallet
  13. A wallet for sure. If I had to pick a speedy, it would be Epi.
  14. I would vote for the wallet aswell, as it will go with everything, and will look totally cute in your bags!
    If I had to choose a bag, I would go for the Epi Speedy, as its such a beautiful bag, and so understated!
    Good luck and let us know what you deceide on!
  15. i'm 20 too. and a grad student.

    ive got a speedy 30 monogram. Thus, next .. i think im going for damier speedy 25.