What to buy my wife??

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  1. My wife has a birthday coming up and I would like to get her her first Balenciaga bag. Something city size or larger and something special. We love distressed leather and the more of this look the better. Any ideas?? Pictures of ladies with the bag would help me as I have a hard time judging size and look when lying flat. What special colors or bags are available now that might be worth grabbing now. Thanks for any ideas...Jay She does like purple and orange.:idea:
  2. Wow, you are a very sweet hubby! Here are some cities and part times and briefs. For reference, cities are the smaller ones, then the part times are the longer ones and the brief is the larger tote bag.

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  3. Yes rainyb - get her all of these. LOL.

    She'll love you for life.
  4. You are such a nice husband! A current-season color is Mandarin, which is a brilliant orange color. It's gorgeous! I think any of the above styles in Mandarin would be amazing.
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    ^ I second that! There are so many fabulous colors and styles.

    Take note that most of the Giant Hardware bags like the Giant City & Giant Part-Time which are gorgeous bags also weigh close to 3 pounds empty whereas the classic Regular Hardware City & Part-Time are nearly weight-less at just a touch over 1 pound. That makes a big difference to anyone with back pain especially when all filled up with daily things.

    Good luck finding the perfect first Balenciaga bag for your wife!
  6. mandarin city?
  7. Well, I decided to go with a classic and just ordered the 2005 chocolate city from RealDealCollection.:wlae:
  9. fuchsiafirefly, Not sure what you are saying, but I did just place the new addition on TheRealDealCollection on layaway. Corey helped me decide on the purchase and I am very happy and feel I got a pretty good price on it. Seems getting a classic bag for the same basic price as a new one is a deal. You can check it out on the site and let me know what you think. There is something about that vintage stuff that is pretty cool!!
  10. great buy that bag is GORGEOUS!
  11. great buy! the leather is to die for !!! you made a great decision and your wife will be SO HAPPY !!!!