What to buy......kinda bored......

  1. So here it is.....4:20pm. Raining and chilly out and just pretty dang miserable here in NoCal. Didn't clean the kitchen like I should have.... baked brownies instead. Didn't organize the office either....put a fire in the fireplace and spent about an hour on tPF. Then DD comes home from school and true to her teen-age self immediately flings herself into her room, closes the door and now something that sounds like gunting, shreiking and snarling set to thumping music is coming from within.

    There is no peace where there is a teen...........

    I need to buy something..............suggestions?
  2. Jewelry! It's not as if there's anything at Hermes SF anyway.

    I'd be happy to make jewelry suggestions if you want - I've been looking at it for the last two months now.
  3. Are we talking Hermes??? As in anything Hermes???

    How about something for inside your bag? A small jolt of color to perk up your gorgeous neutrals.
  4. Actually......I think I need Hermes ear-plugs!
  5. If you are talking about Hermes jewelry, then I do have a question....I have never bought anything Hermes before but yesterday when I was at the airport duty free shop, I saw this Hermes ring, $295, it comes in 2 detached parts but they are stuck together so you cannot detach them (uh...I don't know how to explain it better..), seems like it's enamel in silver plated, the duty free shop had it in orange, black and pink, I kinda liked the pink one....but I didn't get it and now kinda thinking about it. Do you know what the ring is called? Wonder whether I will be able to find it in South Coast Plaza or Beverly Hill Hermes. Also wonder if the color will change since it's just silver plated...
  6. That's so funny..... my teen is exactly the same. :roflmfao:

    However, mean Mommy, now has her reading the BBC news frontpage every evening and then forces her to discuss world events with me for 5 minutes! Finally some Mommy-teen time, I think she is secretly enjoying it too.
  7. I think you should ask a craftsman to sell you one of his hammers and break into her room and smash her radio!!! Don't kids know parents need time out and quiet when they get home! :rant: My daughter knows better than that, I have already broken about 2 radio's!
  8. I was feeling that same "I'm needing a little something new feeling" this weekend. And after going to the scarf event I came home and perused the book. Visited Hermes today and came home with a scarf. "Monsieur et Madame" Its so fun with the ribbon - a present to myself. Can't wait to wear it.

    Suggestion: Spend time with the scarf book.
    IMG_0101.jpg IMG_0102.jpg IMG_0104.jpg
  9. OMG, it's a Scarf Strip-Tease!!!! I love it! Thank you, 2muchlux! That's a beautiful scarf and I love the color-way! So soft and feminine.....
  10. oh this is good. THIS is gooooood, Rose. I get maybe something like 2.25 seconds of Mom/teen time. And that's every other day!
  11. I think you should buy:

    Hotel Silver from Ginger Kilbane at Bergdorf Goodman. Amazing stuff.

    "No Time to Lose" by Pema Chodron...

    Something from Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra collection.

    An Hermes Cashmere Throw.

    A Lutz and Patmos Cashmere Lotus Cape designed by Christy Turlington.

    A Jeff Koons Balloon Dog.

    Vintage '80's and '90's Vogues on Ebay.

    I could go on and on.
  12. What a wonderful "In-the-doldrums-need-to-buy-something" list, EMNH! It's fabulous! I might replace the Van Cleef & Arpels with Cartier and at my age, vintage Vogues need to be '40's and '50's but this is wonderful! I never thought of vintage magazines......right up my alley!!!!
  13. your house sounds like mine. Sometimes it's so bad I just medicate myself. I keep thinking she'll outgrow this behavior but now it's only 1 1/2 years before she's off to college. For mommy and teen time I think the only thing they'll listen to is if you take her shopping and buy something nice for both of you and then have some dinner together. Once or twice a month like this and it is embedded in their memory that you are nice. good luck
  14. Ha-ha EMNH you are too funny.

    Saw a cute H bracelet with charms of all the bags. I think it was $2-3000 but was very wearable. That way you have one of all of the H bags.
  15. Loren....you are so funny but you are so RIGHT! Your DD must be the same age as mine and the minute you get used to one stage they whip right into another one. I've had whiplash for a couple of years now.

    No wonder I buy Hermes.....I swear, I deserve every one of these bags and scarves.