What to buy in Vietnam?

  1. I'm going to Vietnam for a week in April. I will be visiting both the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh regions of the country.

    Given you ladies' penchant for good taste, can you tell me what to buy/bring home from Vietnam. The only two things I can think of is maybe a traditional outfit (an Ao Dai) and some silk scarves. What else is there (besides eating lots of great foods on the cheap)?

  2. Awesome! I've never been to Asia yet. Have a good time. I'm sure you'll see many beautiful things to buy.
  3. How exciting!! You will have an amazing time, I'm sure :yes: I went back in the summer of 2005 for 3 weeks...It is an amazing country that has a lot to offer...My suggestions for things to purchase are an ao dai (of course), but also tailored clothinng (they have amazing designs & craftsmanship over there!), embroidered art (my mom got this BEAUTIFUL, massive cherry blossom embroidery that now sits above our fireplace) beaded jewelry....wow, just a lot of unique beautiful things :girlsigh: Have a great trip!! :heart:
  4. Don't waste your money.
  5. Why, BTBF? It's a free trip for me.
  6. Yikes Vietnam! I've been there 4 times and I am done! Too hot. lol.

    The money currency is awesome. $100USD is approx $1,500,000.00.

    But I spent alot of $ on like false eyelashes. lol. I bought about 150 pairs or so.

    Shopping over there sucks. They are always after you & becareful if you go out to the markets...they jack up prices as soon as they know you're a tourist. Happened to me all the time!

    I like shopping at the malls way better. B/c prices are always attached and set. So there is no haggling and they can't rip you off.

    I can tell you more about VN but for now I have to gooo!!

    Will swing by later :smile:
  7. Oh btw! I hear that theres a Louis Vuitton boutique opening somewhere in VN!!...
  8. The material is not that great and the price is not that cheap. To get a decent, well-tailored one, you need to spend even more. Just not worth it, in my opinion.
  9. I can't wait to hear more, ticklemethu!

    I've seen all the warnings and I'm going with a group -- the guys are going one way and us wives are getting a different daytime itinerary -- I think we're visiting temples and museums and such.
  10. Valkerie, vous etes Vietnamienne?

    There's an LV inside the Hanoi Sofitel Hotel, but it's cheaper to buy LV in France.

    The only thing I can think of to buy in VN, which you've already mentioned, are ao dai's. One wil get excited because things seem so cheap over there, but you must also remember that you get what you pay for. The only get thing that gets me excited about Vietnam is the tropical fruit!

    Enjoy your trip, bon voyage, di choi vui ve!
  11. Ao dai is the obvious choice. I am wearing one right actually rolling around the house (though this one is from Singapore), LOL. Don't know why but I find it really comfortable and prefer it over the Chinese qi pao.

    Another thing to get is the lacquered horn bangles/necklaces/earrings. Hermès get their horn jewellery done in Vietnam but as you can guess probably with a 1000% markup so if you are into horn accessories, get it from the original source! Oh and the traditional straw hat for the summer, LOL.

    Hotel that I like: Continental Hotel in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City), it's very colonial along the line of The Raffles in Singapore and The Oriental in Bangkok!
  12. I came back from VN about a month ago. You can get a lot of massages and wash your hair and facial massages and all that stuff for really cheap. And going clubbing is alright, if you're into that. There's a Gucci right next to a mall with high end things, but I forget what it is called. The shopping there really isn't that great, so I'd say...just go for the food! ;)

    Ohhh yeah, and be sure to take some stomach medicine with you. It might take you a while to get used to the food. And be sure to always drink bottled water!
  13. not a lot to buy.. you can get some neat touristy things though.. like a hand carved plaque of your name.. and they do it right there for you to watch! it's pretty cool i have two! haha. or some lacquered plaques or artwork..

    also if you're gonna get an ao dai, you can pick up some silk embroidered house slippers too.. cute and cozy - but they don't last that long, so buy a bundle! it's not like it's that $$ haha. usually at the markets for that kinda stuff.

    The "Cho Lon" in HCM will have a lot of good stuff for great deals.. just know how to haggle if you're obviously getting ripped off.. Just remember that a US dollar conversion to the VN dong is a lot stronger there.. so if it's just $1 to you, it's $1,000 to them!
  14. Would love to go to VN! Is the food good??? Many of my friends have been and absolutely love it! It's almost tet, so it's a great time to go! One day!
  15. Thanks for your answers! Looks like I'm going to search for an Ao Dai (may be a tad difficult since I'm large-chested), the horn jewelry sounds interesting -I'll keep my eyes out for those-, and the embroidered art.

    I'll post a trip report after the fact!

    And sparklyprincess, I'm an american living in Paris (short-term) and *small-world* originally from the Sacramento area.