What to buy in new york

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  1. Hi everyone

    Someone I know is going to new york very Soon and asked if there was something i wanted. The thing is i've looked online but I dont know anything thats unique to new york. Are there any designers that only sell in New York and not in Europe? I'm looking for something special that isnt tooo pricey so things that cost a max of 200$.
  2. How about the Longchamp Statue of Liberty bag? It's only sold in New York City
  3. I like it but longchamp bags are cheaper in Europe.
  4. Yes, true...but you can only get the Statue of Liberty bag in New York City :smile:
  5. Maybe something special from the Tiffany store?..
    Something from Kate Spade?..
    Sure these items are available world wide, but special because it came directly from NYC and in your price range..
  6. A Kate spade bracelet is definitely on the list :smile:.
  7. In my opinion the food is what makes NY more unique. Some of the only flagship stores in the US are in NY. Iirc uniqlo and bergdorf are only in NY at least in the US? Obviously you can get high end items at any international metropolitan, but taking a stroll down 5th Ave is worthwhile for serious shoppers.
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  8. Go to the sample sales. That is the best thing about NY. There is almost always one going on.

    Food ... NYC is one of the best places to eat.

    I don't think the shopping is the best and I'm from NYC. I have seen much better shopping in Chicago.
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  9. I'd say something from Tiffanys!! I think it's very quintessential New York
  10. I have to say though american people get such good deals! In Europe everything Costs soooo much more!
  11. i just came back from new york and being a sale shopper, i have to admit, i sadly brought nothing back. i loved being in the 7-8 story department stores, but i have to admit, i am so use to NR prices, that buying anything full price hurts. i did try on some 50% off valentino shoes in macy's, but they didn't fit me :sad:

    i was surprised at how many longchamp bags i saw... they are not really a thing where i live (so cal), but everyone had a lc in new york!
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    MZ Wallace is a nice alternative to Longchamp. They are based inNYC and have two stores in the city. Medium metro tote is $215.

    Also Jack Rogers has a store in NYC, classic American brand worn by JackieO and inspired by Italian sandals ... Prices start at about $100
  13. If you want to take a trip over to the Jersey side, everyone goes to the Jersey Gardens Mall. It is a huge outlet mall and only about 30-45 min from NYC.
  14. Those sandals are soooo pretty
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  15. This is slightly OT, but it might be worth stopping in a Century 21. I'll bet there are TPFers who can rec trustworthy jeweled in diamond district where your friend could will a good value, and a pretty distinctly NYC experience.