What to buy in Italy?

  1. So my mother in law is going to Italy, specifically Milan in 2 weeks & I am going crazy trying to think of something I want her to buy me when she is there. Ladies, any suggestions? Clothes, bags, any good recommendations
  2. shoes and leather goods, nice selection, good quality, well priced.
  3. italian leather goods, they're cheap and you can find nice styles
    then...anything designer, here there's whatever you want!!!:yes::biggrin:
  4. Hmmm, depends on how much you trust her taste. ;)

    Jewelry! Its all 18k, maybe something with Murano glass. Murano glass is also nice by itself. A mask from Venice. Italian sneakers are the cutest! I also really like getting Gucci/Ferragamo/Prada while I'm in Italy.
  5. Shoes for sure...leather purse...18k gold (beautiful jewelry)...they have beautiful jewelry boxes!
  6. Shoes, and leather goods.

    It depends on where you're going as well.. Venetian glass is of course very famous, but it's also quite pricey. I love watching them make it on Murano though. Remember to negotiate, nothing is ever firm ! I really loved Ponte Vecio in Florence as well, it's a bridge with lots of gold shops on it, it's really unique.

    Don't pull an ayla though and get tricked into buying 8 Euro gelatto (grrr !!!). Always ask for "piccola" !
  7. The shops around Il Duomo Milano are amazing...I always like to pick up something from the local artisans, however...the last time I was in Venice I picked up a mask...so beautiful...in Florence, I like to pick up bags, but I find that they do copy each other so much that it gets a bit annoying, so I end up buying jewelry...
  8. wow, i am just jealous.. hehe, but anyways, bags of course.. n some people have mentioned other leather goods.....but remember, she can't buy too much or else they will start questioning her at the customs.. so choose your favors wisely...
  9. Prada, Gucci, D&G, Miu Miu.....a lot cheaper than anywhere else !!
  10. gold jewelry, or leather goods
  11. Anything leather - gloves are especially nice.
  12. Prada! There are 8 discount stores that will also have stuff in colors not offered anywhere else! If she goes into the four seasons hotel, they will provide a map of all the stores all in walking distance! I did it in two hours!
  13. Sales are starting soon in Milan...:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: so, it will be hard to choose!!;)
  14. Hi! :smile: I am from Italy but those are no cheaper... I found that eluxory is cheaper than shops here LOL
  15. In Venice sales will start on 15th July while in Milan earlier, I believe the first Monday of July.

    If you would like to go to Milan's store like Gucci, D&G Armani etc during the first days of the sales be prepared to a loooooooon queue that could last hours!!!!!

    If anyone ever needs help of italian stuff, just ask :smile:

    However, I suggest you to buy Tod's shoes, you can make great deals with sales... if the shoes you like are on sale LOL