What to buy in Hong Kong??

  1. Hello!

    I´m going to Hong Kong in a month and I want to buy a friend to my Miu Miu Coffer but I have no idea what to buy. Any suggestions? I´m from a small town in sweden so the only way to get a designer bag here is trough the internet so I´m superexcited!:nuts:
  2. Balenciaga, maybe?
  3. Haha funny you should say 'what should I buy in Hong Kong'. Once you arrive there... you'll have to figure out what you shouldn't buy!

    Hong Kong isn't for shopping lists... it's for getting ready a stack of cash, and once you land, getting ready to blow it all. There are designer shops left right and centre at places like the Landmark and around Tsim Sha Tsui near the Peninsula, and also in the Peninsula Hotel itself (surprisingly big for a hotel). I only went for two days, so I could only go to those two but trust me, they were enough unless you're a millionaire :smile:.
  4. I'll be there the last weekend of this month! I'm so excited! I'm hoping there will be some sales still going on!
  5. Make sure to check out the second-hand designer handbag shops located all over the place...and go to the South Horizons building in Ap Lei Chau for the Joyce and Lane Crawford outlets (they are amazing!!!)
  6. Thanks, Anne!
  7. ^^^ Any other tips needed let me know!! I was a shopping guide there for 4 years!!!
    I love Hong Kong! There are so many brands that you just don't see elsewhere. And even name brands has bags you don't see everywhere else. I am sure you will find something you like there.

    If you want to see the designer brands - go to Central and Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui to get a feel for what is out there. There are just too many to list.
  9. Can't believe I forgot Causeway Bay... you have to go there. Even if you don't actually buy anything in terms of clothes, go to the basement of Sogo Department centre, go to the bakery and buy Melon Bread. I ate Melon Bread like all day... it's sooo good.
  10. have fun on your vacation and get anything and everythinG! they have so much unique stuff
  11. thank you guys for your tips!:tup: I have actually been to HK once before in 2007 and I loooved it! But I was only there for 5 days so I didn´t see that much. I was thinking of a Balenciaga but I heard that they were having trouble with the leather last season. Anybody knows if it´s true? :confused1: I´m going to Sydney after HK, but there´s better shopping in HK, right??

  12. thank you!! btw, do you know what brands they have there?
  13. They mostly have LV's they also have a wide variety of mainstream well known brands - as they only take those that you can sell. So think the big names - LV, GUCCI, DIOR...

    From time to time they have other stuff popping up... but many times often the ones in good condition are still priced rather high if you ask me - I mean if I pay a little more and I can get a brand new one - I don't see why I need to get a used one...