What to buy HER?

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  1. On the 17th is my mom's 38th birthday and she's never had any Louis Vuitton,but I'm trying to get her into it. She thinks it's too much,but I want to change her mind.So ladies give me a suggestion on what to buy her for her first Louis Vuitton :confused1:
  2. Neverfull MM or a Speedy 30.
  3. you cant go wrong with the damier or monogram speedy 30! its a classic, and it looks good on everyone!
  4. make up case?
    maybe speedy or a pochette?
  5. If she has a bag she already loves, maybe a LV wallet?
  6. If you want to get her an everyday bag, I would suggest the Mono Speedy 25 or 30.

    If you want an everning clutch/small bag, I suggest the Eva Clutch. I just got my mom an Eva Clutch and she loves it.
  7. I want to get her a speedy or a neverfull.I can see her with a neverfull,but then again I don't know if I would be starting her off too fast.Should I start her off with a small accessory?
  8. well it depends on the budget too,, but i believe its important for u to think if she likes handbags or shoulder bags... cuz not everybody is used to carry a bag in their hands all the time,, so think about it,, good luck!!
  9. She loves bags in general but is more of a shoulder bag person and I'm looking to speend like 500-800 right now to start her off
  10. You're so awesome to get her an LV for her birthday! If you're afraid she won't carry the bag (my mom is picky with her bags and are constantly changing them) I would get her a wallet. It's a fun way to introduce her to LV and I think should would have just as much fun taking it out of whichever purses she may carry that day.
  11. I would go with either a speedy 30 or a NF MM. If you really want her to fall in love with LV than I think you need to go the route of a bag as opposed to an accessory.

    Good luck deciding!
  12. If she likes shoulder bags, I think a Neverfull is perfect. What a wonderful son or daughter you are!
  13. Just check the types of bags that she usually takes with her. Shoulder bags you said. Is she particular that it has to have closure? The NF might not work with her...

    I was doing the same for my mother in law... She likes shoulder, closed top, monogram.
  14. Mono Speedy 30
  15. Neverfull MM. Perfect bag for her!