What to buy from the new collection....

  1. So i went to the lv store and found the new stephen bag in and i ended up buying it. It's not the leopard one, its the smaller version....then on this forum i saw pics of the stephen bag in black and was lucky enough to come across it 3 days after my recent purchase....it's actually as big as the leopard one, and it's more of a charcoal color with the black patent trimming....very elegant and classy...i love it...So i put it on hold for 24 hrs and i have to decide tomorrow. Problem is mine was $2070, and the black is $3700!!!!:wtf: So i don't know what to do, should i keep mine or buy the black?? What do you guys think??
  2. Ooh...get the Stephen in the black. The thing is you won't have to worry about the vachetta as well as the fact that it's even more limited than the monogram stephen so no one will have it. It's really elegant in the black! Good luck making your decision!
  3. Well personal taste, if u like the black more go for it and return the other, but only do it if your finances permit, and if u love it enough to sacrifice something do it, but first make sure u can look after everything else!
  4. well thanx....and thats the thing, if i spend 3700 on that bag, which i can technically do, i'd have to go on a serious purse ban for a while, but i guess it would be worth it for a black stephen...right:confused1:
  5. It's THE Stephen bag! But it's all up to you, it's a gorgeous no matter which way you go with it. Just make sure you'll get some good use out of it!
  6. It´s not worth it imo.
  7. If you don't get the black one, you will regret it later.
  8. Pick the one that you REALLY want/love! Don't pick something that you're not totally 100% in love with (2nd choice) and then regret it later.:s
  9. Yeap, seeing as u are clearly questioning, if u don't get the black dont get it at all imo, cuz u'll just resent this one :roflmfao: . But I am serious, just get it, use it and go on a bit of a ban. UR WORTH IT!
  10. GO WITH THE BLACK!!!! believe me the black is the way to go !!!
    it i soooo classy !!! I'm getting the ivory for my sister in law for her birthday!!
    the monogram is beautiful but the black is more special, rare, and precious!!
  11. I love the monogram one!
  12. i love the black one more. pick up the one you really love
  13. The black is almost double the price ouchh...that is too much money for me so I would go with the stephen mono...Infact I wanted the stephen mono but, thought that it is pricey so, instead I went with the Speedy 30, the Popincourt Haut and some acessories. For me I felt like I was getting more for my money and more everday bags that I would use. There are so many things that I love but I have to be realistic. Do what is best for you without stressing you out too much. A 4k bag would stress me out or at least the credit card bill would. If you can afford and love it more go for it. Everyone is coming from different places so it is hard to advise. Some women can afford an 8k bag others really save to get a Speedy. You will figure it out...good luck!
  14. If $$$ is no object, get the all leather one!!!:nuts: :love:
  15. I think it depends on your wardrobe!!! I have the Stephen Mono....LOVE IT!!! I would NEVER ever carry the black...EVER...because I never wear black! Gt what you love....as long as money is not a prob!! Let us know!