what to buy for my mom´s birth?


Mar 18, 2006
Hi all of you!

I need ur help for me to decide what to buy for my mom´s birthday, its near and I haven´t decided yet. all I know it must ba sth from Lv!

I´d love to buy one of those lovely suede bags, but I don´t have enough money, I was wondering between 2 options after watching to all their catalog:

-mini ellipse
-pochette cles perfo

The first one because she loves my wapity but she´d like something a little more femenine, more tah the multicolor ones, and I guess is moreless the same size as the other.

The pochette because I wonder its like a pouch too for cosmetiques, cell phone or sth, but I´m not sure about the size, somebody here owns it? It would be helpfull somebody tell me for what can she use it.

Thanks a lot:smile:
Just like ayla said, the shape of the ellipse is sort of cumbersome but it just looks so cute and classy! If your mom doesn't mind the odd shape, I'd say go w/ that! Besides, the mono can go w/ anything and will never go out of style.