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What to buy for Dad for his b-day!???


Sep 13, 2005
Hi guys
I was wondering if you guys can help me with ideas. My Dad will be 57 this January 11, and I like always we are looking out for great things to give him. However, my family and I, have ran out of ideas of what to give him. He already has tons, and I mean tons, of dress shirts, and t-shirts. We were thinking of buying him some pants, but he already has tons of them too. We buy him jeans, and he likes it, but I know when it comes to clothes he is getting very picky. I was thinking of buying him some nice shoes, but he is so darn picky. I hinted him, I will buy him a LV wallet, because when he saw that my bro got one, he said he wanted one. So I was joking with him, I told I was going to get it for him, and he said, "oh sweetie, don't even bother, I am changing my old wallet. It is brand new." And it is not brand new. But you guys get it. I really have no idea what the heck to give him, please help me!


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Well, what interests does he have? Does he like live entertainment? If so, you could get some fun tickets and rent a limo so that he does not have to drive..If he likes sports, maybe a live hockey game or something?


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Ok, he likes cars. Find something like the Bob Bounderant (sp) school of defensive driving or race driving. Basically, you get to go to race or defensive driving school for either one full day or a weekend and drive hot cars ( you don't have to drive your own) and they teach you defensive moves, how to skid around in oil and so it. It is a blast!! Men love it. Go google it and see if you can find anything.


Aug 21, 2006
Does he do anything with cars specifically? We buy my dad car parts becuase he builds cars, and gift cards to parts places.
If he likes to read, maybe you could find him a really nice book on his all time favorite car.


Jan 9, 2006
When all else fails, we get my dad gift certificates to either get his car washed, lol, or massages from this one place he likes, or a combination of those two things:P

Good luck, my dad is a pain to shop for too.


Mar 29, 2006
^ gift certificates for car washes is a good idea since he likes cars. Or how about something for his car? Does he need anything replaced or added? I got my BF a hardtop for his truck on his birthday.


Feb 6, 2006
cars are hard too.. hmm. parts get expensive and guys usually never buy something that'll cost so much (ahem supercharger, turbo, etc) as those really cost into the thousands... we save and save and it almost never happens. lol. it'd be an awesome gift, though i'm sure you're looking to spend way less. :nuts:

in other cases, if he likes nascar stuff, there are a ton of stuff to get.. tickets to see a race, autographed shirts/lithographs/hats/etc.. um.. if he likes classic cars, memorabilia might work also.. or maybe a piece of car history that was used in a big movie (like a steering wheel from the original james bond Golden Eye flick) or something.. they're hard to get but pretty cool.. but then again, also $$.

hmm. i can't think of much else. i wouldn't try to go too cheesy with the car gifts (air freshener, new mats, lights, etc all = blah), but spending too much would also be over the top and he'd probably not want it anyway.

from my experience, my dad turned 60 this past november, and a nice dinner with the family he loves, was enough for him. then again, my dad's not picky... or much of anything else. haha. he's fine with whatever we give him.. functional things especially. a throw? robes? slippers? a space heater even perhaps? my dad LOVED the one my sis & i got him for xmas. lol. maybe some sort of catch-all tray to put on his dresser to put all his change, keys, watch and wallet? that's a nice gift too i think.

hmm.. i think that's all i can smash up in my head at the moment.. good luck!
Aug 11, 2006
well my sisters and i got my dad a BBQ set from Brookstone where it had the brushes and thermometers and everything in a case. does he still shave? my BF loves high end shaving brushes and blades because they're better for the skin. It's a nice gift from a store called the "Art of Shaving" i believe. OR you can get him massaging equipment like a pad or chair? just giving you some ideas =)