What to buy for a new born?

  1. My 18 yr old friend back home is having a baby next week.

    I want to send her something as a present for the baby.

    What would you say is better to buy?

    Clothes that the kid will grow out of quick, or diapers that he will need?

    Or whatever else?

    My spending limit is $50.

  2. Hm.. I got these when I was born, a savings account. When I finally cashed one in, I got almost triple the amount! Otherwise, I might send some cute baby clothes. :smile:
  3. I bought some onesies for different time stages(newborn, 3 month, 6 month, etc. ) for a friend that she found very useful.
  4. Diapers can be a tricky thing since not all moms like all diapers and not all babies fit into newborn sizes!

    Honestly, I'd suggest a toy or maybe a nice snuggly blanket. The best thing though (IMO) - a gift certificate to a baby store or to Target or Wal*Mart! That way, the mom can use it for something that she doesn't already have. She will get 347180347301431 packs of Onsies and about a million booties, socks, receiving blankets and bathing sets
  5. You know what gift I got that I adore and still love and NEVER thought about for myself? It was a diaper/babywipe/lotion holder for the table. It's clear so it doesn't stand out too much. It is so awesome to keep in my bedroom for when I need to change the babies diaper and don't want to run upstars to his bedroom! If you can find one I would recommend it BiG TIME!
  6. I really appreciated the diapers and wipes (size 1-2 are a good choice). I didn't have to buy any for awhile which was great because I never had a chance to leave the house. I ended up with so many onezies that I didn't open them all and ended up returning packages and packages of them. If you do opt for onezies get larger sizes.

  7. do u know where I can find 1 of these? I have no idea what this is! ;)

  8. A G/C sounds easier to deal with!
  9. onesies and diapers are always good.
  10. It is called a Diaper Depot and I think Prince Lionheart makes it if I am not mistaken. I have one that hangs off of my changing table. They have them at Toys R us and Walmart.
  11. thank u so much! i am gonna search for a pic of it online now.
  12. just my experience:

    I loved something I wouldn't have bought myself for a gift - like something cute to wear (definitely bigger size though bec that way it will last longer - never get newborn sizes). I mean, I bought nappies and stuff anyway but something like Robeez baby shoes is just not an option sometimes...

    I recommend No toys - it is the one thing that EVERYONE will bring

    otherwise the gift certificate is also nice!
  13. Yes, only online. But I bet you can have it shipped right to her! I swear they are great. I never had one with my first child but I did with this one and I am like HOW did I ever survive without it! LOL