what to buy celine or louis


Jan 19, 2011
I cant decide what bag to get the mini Celine luggage tote in orange red or the Damier Louis neverfull bag. I like the Celine for its look but LV for its versatility as a everyday bag. HELP PLEASE


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Oct 18, 2007
Hmm.. I was about to add my vote to the Celine but I am reconsidering. Here's why--I must process aloud.

The LV will be lighter weight and therefore easierto load up.
The LV straps are longer.
I believe the LV retails or quite a bit less.
The Damier canvas will hide dirt and wear better.
Orange--and I am a huge fan of the color--is not quite as versatile as one would think. I mean it is but it's definitely a pop, and sometimes you don't want the pop.

But... I agree that LV is everywhere and that was why my initial thought was the Celine. The Celine is just a bit more interesting.
Sep 6, 2008
OMH OMg OMG OMG CELLLLLIIINNNNEEE!! I AM OBSESSED WITH THE LUGGAGE! I just bought myself an amazing coated canvas huge Vintage Celine tote on the bay for DIRT CHEAP...I want the Orange Luggage Envelope so SO so bad... I am have wait I still have 2 bags in have not even gotten yet! LOL! I just bought a Chocolate Rive Gauche that is SUPPOSED to come today...(WHERE ARE YOU UPS????????)
Jul 3, 2006
Celine - no comparison whatsoever! Of course, I don't care for the neverful in any share or form. I love LV, but I think the neverful is the shoddiest bag ever made by LV, and I've been buying LV over 25 years. Be sure to go in the FACs section in the LV forum and read all the complaints about the neverful before you even consider it. It's VERY poorly made.