what to buy boyfriends parents??


Jan 19, 2006
need help on ideas of wut to buy bf's parents for xmas!
his mom is super picky asian mother..... dad like wine but myself am lacking wine knowledge...
and worst of all this has to be on a student budget! <200 preferred
I always get my bf's parents a box of unique chocolates for Christmas. One year I ordered from Vosges Vosges Haut-Chocolat - Exotic Chocolate Truffles, Specialty Chocolates & Luxury Chocolates and the year before I ordered from Moonstruck Moonstruck Fine Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Gifts

If you search around of Food Network : Cooking, Recipe Collections, Party Ideas, Quick & Easy Recipes, Cooking Videos they always highlight a new chocolate company around Christmas time.

My bf's sister last year got my bf a Lobster-o-gram. We just used the gift certificate last night, and it was fabulous! Lobsters From The #1 Live Lobster Company In America, LobsterGram

You could always do a gift certificate for a new restaurant in town for them. If they like going out to eat, that's a fun gift too.
I was about to suggest wine...maybe someone at the wine store can recomend you something? Chocolates are always nice, or you could get them one of those holiday gift baskets. (food, wine etc.)
I'm going to get my SO's mom a MUZZLE to shut her up!! Should be under $25. LOL JUST KIDDING!!!

I am getting her a maid for two months. She is always commenting about how this would be awesome so there you have it.
It all depends on how long he has been your boyfriend, how serious, if at all, the relationship is, and how well you know his parents.

If the boyfriend is a relatively new person in your life, and this is the first time, or one of the first times, you will be joining his family for an event, then a small "gesture" gift is the best choice, like a bottle of good wine, or if you are on a budget, and know a little bit about wine, an interesting one that they might not know about, like one of the delicious but inexpensive Bulgarian reds!

If the event will be at their home, and they have a Christmas tree, a little looking around should net you a unique handmade ornament from some unlikely corner of the planet, or maybe a pretty basket of fancy holiday baked goods from a foo foo bakery, or if you are a cook, or your own heritage has an interesting culinary tradition (and I can't think of one that doesn't) then a pretty dish of jaleebis or tamales or hey - a mixture of both, why not?

In any event, you should consult with your boyfriend first, this is not the best time to surprise him, for example, you would not want to give a bottle of wine or anything alcoholic if either parent is a recovering alcoholic or simply does not drink alcohol for whatever reason, and the baked goods should be savory ones if either parent is a diabetic or on a no-sugar diet, you get the idea.

If it is a serious relationship and you already know the parents, then presumably you already have an idea of their interests, likes and dislikes, and should be able to choose a gift for them much as you would for anyone else on your gift list.

However, you would still want to avoid gifts that are too personal or too expensive, and stick with that even after you become engaged.

Once you are married, his parents are your parents, and you may give them anything that you think they would like, just as you would your parents.
i got my bf's parents tickets to the radio city christmas spectacular last year. trying to get nutcracker tickets this year. if you're around a metropolitan area, theatre tickets are a great gift.
I agree with shimma! I think expensive gifts ($200 budget) is pretty high to spend on boyfriend's parents. (If you do, then after you're married would you be giving $2000 gifts?) It might make them feel uncomfortable, upstaged, etc, since you're not married yet. (Generally speaking, this is. If you are very close then you are a better judge). I think something like nice tea (<$50) would be a gift for both of them that would be appreciated. Then, next year or something, you can learn about wines and bring over a nice bottle.
How about a bottle of wine (as suggested costing $30 or so) plus something like this glass wine stopper ($25 plus shipping) by SierraArtGlass?

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