What to buy at the upcoming Saks event??

  1. I am so easily influenced. I was going to wait a while on a bag, but what better reason to go Chanel shopping :yes: The brown outdoor ligne flap, a black reissue? What do you girls thing??
  2. i was considering a reissue myself...has that gone through a price increase recently?
  3. I love the outdoor flap! Pics if you end up getting it.
  4. The reissue didn't go up. I just don't know how I will like the configuration of it.
  5. the outdoor flap looked beautiful, i've neer seen it irl, but i think it's a great bag. and rare too, i think?
  6. when is the Saks event?
  7. Whatever you choose i'm sure it's going to be great! be sure to post pics!
  8. Hmm I honestly don't like the outdoor ligne flap. The leather scratches very easily and it's meant to wear and distress with use. So the reissue would be better.