What to buy at the trunk show tonight... a shawl maybe?

  1. I'm going to the trunk show after work and might get something, might not. Not a bag, not a wallet... I was thinking I may pick up one of the lovely silk/cashmere shawls, probably in black, or white.

    If you own one of these, have you found that you use it a lot in cool weather? It is a good buy for the money?

    Summer is usually FREEZING in San Francisco, and I'm about to move to Seattle.
  2. I've been waiting for the chocolate color shawl, but it's always out of stock on elux....sneak some pics of the goodies tonight at the trunk show !!!
  3. yes I think the black shawl that Jessica simpson uses is very hot and you should get one!
  4. I've got teh black I use it loads it's light enough to be cool but also keeps you warm when it's cold amazing really
  5. black would be a great choice.
  6. yes black shawl would be nice
    have fun tonight!!
  7. I am torn!! I went browsing online and saw cashmere wraps at Nordstrom for $99, and then ones at Neimans and Saks for $500!

    I guess LV falls somewhere in the middle, and are not made in China (I know for a fact that the Nordys ones are made in if not China, then another country that provides cheap labor and cheap goat hair).

    Are they still $380? They are out on eLux.

    ughhhh so tempted!!

    Last time I bought cheap cashmere (a BR turtleneck), it began to pill instantly, and then a HOLE appeared along one seam after wearing it once!

    Maybe this is one of those things I shouldn't go cheap on?
  8. Buy one :graucho: I'd love an LV shawl myself :yes:
  9. Seems odd to say, but that shawl is SEXY!!

    Get one!!!

    I want one, now:heart:
  10. I am LOVING the black shawl!
  11. LVoe classic white!!!
  12. I think that shawls are classic. And we all know that LV is classic. So, an LV shawl would be doubly classic! Go for the black!1!
  13. I hope you get one, it sounds like you are in the perfect weather for a chic shawl.
  14. Yes, get a shawl.:nuts: I have the dark pink one and I love it.
    Great when you are travelling and to take to the cinema where I always freeze under the air conditioning.