what to buy a teenager?

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  1. hey all, im looking for a bag for my cousin, but not sure what to buy her, we're close, im not that much older then her, but seeing how ive only now started blossoming into a pursewhore, i didnt like bags when i was her age, which she is in her mid teens, but she does so im not sure which she'll like and i want it to be a surprise. shes a laid back kind of gal, very laid back, very sports oriented (called my mini me for a reason :smile:), except unlike me then she likes to dress up at times, but shes mainly casual. shes going through some stuff, so i decided to use my bag budget on her, so its pretty open, but not like 2k+, she doesnt need something that expensive, but im looking at all options from cheap and chic to splurge, so any ideas?
  2. You can't go wrong with a Speedy...
  3. she needs a bag that she can put on her shoulder comfortably, i dont really see her toting bags much.
  4. How about a nice Coach backpack?
  5. what about something by orla kiely (irish designer i have a fabulous hobo in tomato red with a flower print that i love and it fits loads and can take a lot of abuse
  6. Oh, did I miss that part, sorry.

    Umm lets see...

    Do u have a particular brand? For younger girls I think Coach hobos or Demi, MJ Stella (I think) is a shoulder bag...lets see, I'm not a dooney fan but she may be...
  7. I would think Coach, Luella, or agast D&B; these are the brands that the girls at the tanning salon I go to carry - they are all teenagers; this past year the D&B's with the heart keychain were all they could talk about.

    I used to bring my LV there and showed them how to spot the fakes that the girls at their schools had. Everyone wants a Louis; but, I was told with all the fakes that the girls would rather have the brands I listed because everyone knows they are real.
  8. If she is sports oriented and laid back, I'm guessing she's not a super girlie girl? No on the d&b it bags...too many colors. Not very laid back style.

    I'd say go for a coach bag
  9. Coach would probably be ideal, especially since you don't want to buy a gift that's fairly pricy and not be used.
  10. in high school i loved the gucci tote/bucket bags.....great for a grab and go lifestyle.......

    or the gucci hobo......but to me it's not as laid back as the ones above (which are also all very decently priced)
  11. Softball players in my home love LV pochette accessory, Coach, D&B.
  12. i second the LV pochette accesory......when i was in high school/college everybody had those......everybody still does......since u said she occasionally gets dressed up maybe one of the limited edition pochettes would be cute....i have mine with the panda on it and i absolutely love it....makes me feel special :shame:
  13. anything but the D&B multicolor items--those are stupid and everyone has them, plus I think it is something she would tire of quickly. My vote would be for Coach, D&B regular colored items, maybe one of the smaller Bulga bags, or even a Reaction Kenneth Cole or Mark by Mark Jacobs.
  14. i'd recommend my IF audra, actually. it's not flashy or showy, it's not too girly, it's quite durable, it goes with everything, it sits wonderfully on the shoulder and it holds my whole life. mine was also the very reasonable price of $385 (i think they've gone up to like $450 this season). an Audra or something similar (a kooba, a botkier, etc) would be my pick.
  15. it sounds like me and your cousin are quite different people. but i'm 16, and i know that i am not a huge coach fan (nor are many of my friends). also, as far as the lv pouchette, it's just so small, and i like to be able to toss whatever i feel like in my bags when i'm in a hurry. i would suggest something along the lines of like a chanel ligne cambon tote (i'm currently slugging mine with me to and from finals) or maybe a balenciaga. i myself am a huge fan of the chloe paddington bags and i love to carry my hobo, but i'm not sure if that sounds right for your cousin.