What to bring to a BONFIRE?

  1. Hello! I did a lil googling on this, but would also like to hear from you guys too!
    I never had a bonfire before, and I want to have one for my SO and I at the beach tomorrow night.

    What should I bring to a bonfire?

  2. First of all, you need to make sure you get the necessary permission to have the bonfire at the beach.

    After that, bring a guitar and blankets.
  3. ^yes,we have a designated part at the beach for bonfires.
  4. Wood and some matches...and some booze. Everything else is optional
  5. Just an FYI - Some beaches near where I live have rules on bonfire wood. One rule is that no nails are allowed on the wood.
  6. S'mores!!!

    Marshmellows, Hershey's chocolate squares and graham crackers all sandwich up:
  7. Oh wait, bonfires are bigger than campfires, right? Perhaps s'mores are not that appropriate then. But you cannot really have a bonfire on the beach, can you?

    In any case, s'mores are a popular campfire snack.
  8. Beer, stuff for smores, lawn/canvas chairs, bug spray, jacket, blanket, a pail of water (or something to put out the fire...) a camera!! and a flash light...that should about cover you!!
  9. Sounds like fun, enjoy yourself!
  10. Incense to throw into the fire and make it smell good!
  11. Ooh, have fun! You indeed should not forget to take some blankets, something to drink, marshmallows, and take a warm sweater!
  12. Beer, lol
  13. Smores get my vote too!!!!
  14. and/or wine-bubbly, crackers, cheese, some luncheon meat, finger foods or stuff you can eat without utensils and don't need to be cooked...
  15. Hot dogs are also really good cooked over an open fire.