What to bring for 12 weeks away?

  1. I'm doing an internship for 12 weeks about 6 hours from home, and I don't plan to come back or anything. It's only 12 weeks, but I may miss my bags! It makes no sense to bring them all, esp since I'm staying with people, not having a place of my own. I have internship at a hospital, and then evenings are free to do whatever with my man, some friends, and weekends to visit family in SF and shopping, beach, just a regular summer, but away from home and belongings.

    What bags should I bring up to the bay area? I live in socal.

    I am also carrying a TON of luggage, reference textbooks for internship, and some cooking ware and large toiletries.

    Bags I am considering to bring:

    Rouge Twiggy Bbag
    Ink City Bbag
    Chanel classic flap in medium
    Chanel pink cambon
    LV speedy 25
    Fendi mama baguette
    Dior mini girly (hope I sell before I leave in midMay)
    Chanel caviar tote (this I may bring to my internship for work)

  2. I would say don't bring anything too obvious like a Chanel since you are staying with people. Are these people you know? Or do they know you have a purse habit? ;)
    But then again you're in LA where just abt everybody carries designer items... mmmm
    I'd prob pick the Fendi or the Bbag.
  3. Hmmm...I'd say the Bbag and LV.