What to bring and what not to bring on cruise?

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  1. We are going on our first cruise soon (with kids) and I am wondering if anyone can give any tips on what to bring/what not to bring, etc. Anything you need…clothes or anything? It is a 7 day cruise and it is to the Carribean.
  2. If you have a lot of stuff to plug in, bring a power strip because there are very few outlets in a room. We had one in our inside cabin and I had to keep unplugging stuff to plug stuff in. Wasn't that much of a hassle but I only had three things with a plug.
  3. Based on the potential for gastrointestinal illnesses on cruise ships these days, medications like Cipro, Immodium, etc.
  4. And take the Dukoral vaccine before you go.
  5. I don't think Dukoral is available in the US (?)
  6. Oh that's too bad because it worked like a charm for me and my family. Maybe it's marketed under a different name in the US. Or maybe your FDA hasn't approved it.
  7. pretty much all the regular stuff you'd need for a beachy vacation.

    also check what the dinner situation on the ship will be and if you will need formalwear. sometimes most nights are semi-fancy and then there are two nights that are full-fledged fancy, but I think that completely varies by ship and itinerary.
  8. Oh it's probably our FDA. They seem quite slow to approve drugs that are in wide use in other countries.
  9. Ooooo what is that for?

    Get some RX's for Tamliflu - works like a charm If you take it at first sign.
  10. Dukoral is a vaccine for gastro illnesses caused by E. Coli. It's good for 3 months. Here's a link to their website: http://www.dukoralcanada.com/

    Tamiflu the flu vaccine? We can get it as an injection in Canada just before cold/flu season starts. I assume if you can get a prescription for it, it must come in oral form? That would be handy!
  11. There IS a formal night. Would a short black sequin dress be ok?

    I was just talking to a guy whose wife works for a big pharma company and he said companies pay the FDA to have their drugs pushed to the top of the approval list.
  12. I know nothing about the FDA and drug approval process, but this doesn't surprise me one bit!
  13. Dukoral from Swedish pharm company effectiveness is about 50%. You are better off with good hand washing, avoiding ice cubes and tap water.

    Don't eat raw seafood. Dukoral is marketed for cholera with some effect against e coli..

    Tamiflu pills won't help e coli diarrhea.
  14. Thanks, I'll look it up!

    Yes, It does come in RX form. Its very handy. Take it with me everytime I go out of town.
  15. Thank you for the tip on Tamiflu. My hubby is deathly afraid of needles, so he'll be happy to hear this. :biggrin: