What to ask for?

  1. Ok, so my husband is off to the UK again for business and some pleasure (miami dolphins/ny giants football game at wembley). So that means I get any bag I want. But, the question is-what do I ask for? Any suggestions? I am toying with the GST but I think I shouldn't waste my "no limit" on that bag. Any ideas? I just got my metallic reissue 228 and I think I am maxed at the moment.HELP!!
  2. How about bubble quilt bowler? It's so soft and pretty.. or the Green bubble quilt flap as seen in Elle magazine (CMIIW)
  3. I was thinking about the bubble quilt bowler! Good idea!
  4. yes...bubble quilt, astrakan or sharpei. but my fave would be the bubble quilt bowler