What to add to my collection? I feel boring...

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  1. I'm flying to a country with a LV store next Wednesday and I haven't decided what I need yet. Trying to search for pics and threads here to get some inspiration, and feel frustrated since I have absolutely no idea so far. :s

    I feel like I'm such a boring person with my current collection, all I have is basic Mono, white MC Mono and one small Cerises item.

    I'm not crazy about the Denim line since where I live there is, or will be, very cold with rain & snow and I don't want it to get wet.

    I'm also suspicious with the Vernis line since I've heard stories about patent leather surface cracking when it's like -25[SIZE=-1]°C / -13°F outside. I like the Houston bag though.

    - Any ideas what to add to my collection? It's gonna be 1 or 2 bags.

    I need something for everyday use and for work, and preferably with a zipper closure due to the weather problem. I have separate briefcases for my documents and laptops, and a Brad-Pitt look-a-like male secretary ;) who carries them around for me, so the bag (or bags) does not need to be super roomy, but cute and representative at business meetings. :upsidedown:

    Btw, hopefully they got what I want in stock but I guess I'll be needing a few different options for my shopping list after all.
  2. How about Suhali?
  3. I'd go for sth. Epi, maybe the Vivienne long?
  4. Umm...what did you say again....all I remember is Brad Pitt look-a-like male secretary :graucho:

  5. Antigue or epi:confused1:
  6. Something Daimer would be nice and very professional looking for work.

    Now for play the Stephen mono or leopard are gorgeous. I love the pleat on that handbag. The Miroir Alma in gold or silver are stunning as well but , are more for the evening.
  7. Damier or epi would be nice.
  8. I've been thinking Epi, MC black, Damier... :confused1:

    I like Suhali[SIZE=-1] L'Ingénieux but it might be too small. :s
  9. Get something in Epi or Suhali

    Epi passy




    suhali Lockit

  10. i'd go for something epi or suhali since you have nothing in those lines yet.
  11. Brad Pitt look-alike secretary? Hubba hubba!

    For LV, how about a Damier Alma or Papillon?
  12. He's a young trainee and always willing to help ladies with their heavy bags. :lol:
    I don't want him to touch my LV bags though. :rolleyes:
  13. Have a look at the Saleya PM next time you are at LV. It's gorgeous.

    (seen in my footer image)
  14. Oh btw, these are the everyday & city-sized bags I already have:


    Speedy 30
    Coussin GM
    Ellipse MM

    Speedy 30
  15. If you leave in november..I would get something from the Damier Azur line....im crazy about that line :biggrin:
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