What to accessorize my Speedy with?

  1. I've suddenly decided that I want to order something else! Just ordered a mono Speedy 30 earlier today and I want to add something to it.

    The Speedy keychains are cute! What about one of the Groom items to clip onto the bag? Would that look like too much? I'm not much of a scarf-on-the-bag person...

    What would you get for Speedy jewelry??? :flowers:
  2. i sometimes clip my key & change holder to my speedy 30. it looks cute, & you don't have to dig for your keys!!!
  3. get jack & lucie .........:graucho:
    lvjack & lucie3.jpg lvjack & lucie4.jpg
  4. or MC Astropill perhaps........:flowers:
    lvastropillblack.jpg lvastropillwhite.jpg
  5. what about MC bandeau?!

    i love to tie my white MC bandeau on speedy, it easily matches with anything else as well
  6. or even (useful) a cles.............
    I do this sometimes........
    although I have mine in green perfo.......
  7. My best friend has the groom pochette cles clipped on her speedy 25!
  8. I just ordered the Jack and Lucie keychain today, I think it would look great on a speedy. A groom cles would be super cute too!
  9. There are too many great choices, I don't know how a girl is supposed to make up her mind.
    Jack & Lucy are really cute, but next month do they go back in the box? The inclusion speedys are adorable & the VIP Vachetta speedy keychains from Karen Kooper are amazing!! A cles is always useful & extra stylish in groom, MC, Vernis & perfo.....what is a girl to do???
  10. How about a Groom round coin purse, or a Groom pochette cles?

    Though I'd choose the Groom bandeau or scarf myself.
  11. I just attached my round groom coin purse to my speedy.

    I also tie a scarf on the handles. The scrarf is the same color as my outfit for the day.
  12. i think these are just some ways to accessorize the speedy:
    1. Scarf
    2. inclusions (i think those inclusions that LV has are soooo cute!!!!, esp the small handbag ones!!!)
    3. Cles
    4. Bracelets (ive seen people putting their tiffany's bracelets on their speedies!)
    5. wristlets (its like a mini bag for the bag)
  13. Thanks for all the replies!!! I'm tempted to go with the Groom round coin purse -- I love the colors and that it's a LE and it's just so CUTE!!!

    Jack & Lucie are adorable, too!
  14. any bag charm is fine! juicy couture makes some cute ones. :yes;
  15. Here we go!