What time period does a three-digit date code come from?

  1. There's a speedy on let trade with a three-digit numeric date code....when is this from? The speedy appears to be in excellent condition....though it may have had its handles replaced to give the appearance of being newer than it actually is.....
  2. Sounds like an 80s bag...can't be sure, though, since I haven't seen the speedy...

    Which one are you talking about?
  3. There should be another code on the other rivet. He's not showing that. You should ask him for a pic of the other rivet.
    That is a Vintage Speedy :yes:
  4. eighties
  5. early nineties too.
    goldenleopardlady and I both have accessories from 91 with the datecode 891 ** (I don't remember which letters they are).

  6. Yupits 80's to very early 90's. I have a first year and one late 80's and they are both 3 digits.