What time ? online Gucci sale starts 12-3

  1. Anyone know what time the online sale on Gucci will start? If I log on at 6am will sale items be up. Anyone remember from last sale. I have to be at work by 9. I don't want to miss it
  2. it should be up by 6am. i stayed up late last time and not everything was up right away.
  3. I hope sale is up early, that would be great if up by 6 am. maybe they will have other sale items up that weren't up on the presale link. Like cosmetic bags and more acessories.
  4. the sale is on already online
  5. Seems to me like all the items that are on sale are the items from the pre sale?
  6. ^Yes, pre-sale is not advertised to everyone, so it is an opportunity to get the sale items before the sale is open up to the public, as many of the styles sell out during the pre-sale.
  7. OMG! I missed it.
  8. How do you register for the sale?