What time is it where you at now

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  1. It's past 3.00am where Im at now and I can not fall back to sleep. I woke up to finish a school project that is due tomorrow--I finally finished and I need to get some sleep. since I can't sleep; I'm on this website which I love.

    What time is it where you at now?
  2. 10:25am :smile:
  3. 5:30pm waiting to knock off from work & heading to the gym
  4. 11:40pm
  5. 1:40am
  6. 2:00 a.m. I'll go to bed in an hour. This forum is addictive.
  7. 6:40 pm. on Wednesday.
  8. 9:46am
  9. I know what you mean.
  10. 11:12 AM :biggrin: I just snowboarded some and am heading to the gym in a few mins ;)
  11. ^^^awesome :biggrin: I need to go jogging when I wake up.
  12. 520 am
  13. :biggrin: 9.20pm in Australia!!
  14. 5.30pm
  15. Very addictive, my husband laughs and shakes his head....watching me play with my son and then jump back to the computer to type something in! Oh yeah, it's 2:58...geesh...I better go to bed!