what time is it where you are now?

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  1. 2:36pm EST

    finished my project :yahoo:
    can't get the computer to burn a CD :smash:
    city employee won't return my call or answer her phone...I need to ask if I can email it :hysteric:

    nat...cappuccino sounds really good...with a generous shot of kahlua ;)
  2. 10:04 pm

    Nat Nat Nat, don't be so hard on yourself! It is weekend, treat yourself! Deal with the guilt - and possibly a wee bit extra weight- on Monday, my dear :biggrin:

    Frick, city employee probably took the day off. Don't ask, email it anyway ;)

    Alright, won't keep you guys in suspense any longer, although I have to admit I was THIS close to posting a poll about the cappuccino issue in the Kitchen forum. But then I realised the outcome could be 50/50, which would make my decision even harder in the end :shrugs: I mean, HELLO, you can't take issues like these lightly, you know? :wondering
  3. ^I get it...my vote is still yes :yes: ...oh, & I didn't have the email (that's why I was calling), but she finally called me.

    4:28pm...the start of happy hour on a friday!!! :drinkup:
  4. 10.41 pm ...great minds think alike, darling:graucho:. Treated myself to Indian- but made plans to go running with a friend tomorrow and then go to smoothie bar for healthy treat to make up for today:shame:

    I would like to congratulate you on your courage and inner strength - not everyone would be able to make such a crucial decision on their own, Nat. (:biggrin:) next time maybe it will be wiser though to at least have a poll for an hour or so...
  5. she is probably a PFer as well, was busy browsing and called you back after she saw this post :nuts:!

    Happy Friday, chicas :drinkup:

    ETA: that was around 10.49 pm...
  6. ^:roflmfao: you might be right! happy friday to you too!!! :drinkup:

    4:44pm EST (eastern US standard time)
  7. hammer.jpg
  8. 10:21 p.m. E.S.T.
  9. It is 12:10 a.m. C.S.T.
  10. 752 am -- Zurich time
  11. 6:17 pm Saturday night here in Sydney
  12. 9:11 am
    need more coffee...
  13. 11 22 am - europe time
  14. 2:49 pm - Europe!!
  15. 534 pm -- europe time
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