what time is it where you are now?

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  1. I have so many lovely tPF friends from all over the world...I love it! it's interesting (& sometimes confusing) to me to think about what time it is there when we're talking.

    so...what time is it where you are? & what time zone are you in?

    I'm in the eastern time zone of the USA, & it's currently 1pm here on thursday.
  2. ^ good thread Frick, thanks

    I'm in the central time zone of the USA and it's currently 12:03 pm here on thursday.
  3. Im in Copenhagen (as you know, since you are supposed to buy an apartment here:biggrin:), its 7.18 pm and Im just back from work and my Thai dinner delivery is late ! :nuts:
  4. ^nice...I'd love some thai & cocktails...wish it were 7pm here :p

    I'm on my way to copenhagen!!!
  5. Hey Frick! Great thread! :tup: Hey Nat! *waves*

    I'm in Europe, as you know, and I'm 6 hours ahead of you: it's 7:39 pm here :biggrin:
  6. Thai is here, cocktails are pouring...cant you just live on CPH time for half an hour or so and grab yourself a martini?:graucho: As soon as I am done with food, Im gonna kick back and check tracking numbers for my recent buys:nuts:

    hello fellow European Nat! :heart:;)

    what are you up to, lovelies?
  7. ^:hugs: I may know, but I definitely forget. are you having a cocktail?

    ^I can live on CPH time in about 2 hrs...gotta go driving & get some signatures so I can mail this submittal out. then I'm european for the day!!!

    it's now 1:49pm in the eastern USA
  8. :nuts: Don't hold back now, spill!

    Haha! No, no cocktail. I'm having a Coke Zero.

    Me? I'm suddenly obsessed with the Gucci medium Sukey tote. Don't ask me why, I just want one so badly, but can't afford a new one right now. So here I am, surfing the net, trying to find a good deal. No luck so far, boo.

  9. Im gonna keep sipping and watch Flipping out while waiting for you to come back, dahling:drinkup:!
  10. 2 pairs of loubies, decolletes and dahlias and a pair of Jimmy Choo boots. And 2 LE chanel nail polishes, I am spiralling down chanel and dior polishes addiction FAST!:nuts: And oh yes, I am banned from spending another penny this month on anything that is not healthy food, water or shelter pups.

    Im not gonna be an enabler, so I am not going to say this Gucci looks like a perfect spring bag :ninja: *runs and hides*. Gucci is one of few designer boutiques here, so will keep my eyes open for you on the local eBay sort of site, there is a lot of Gucci for sale. And fakes are not really an issue in Dk:smile:
  11. :nuts: OMG, fabulous buys!!! Tres fabuleux!! So, what are the tracking numbers telling you? Are they arriving soon? Hope so!

    Noooo, no need to run and hide. You're right, it is the PERFECT spring bag, I totally agree with you, even though I shouldn't. Perfect for spring, perfect for any season really :biggrin: And I need one. Now. I'm so impatient. Oh, that would be great if you can keep an eye on your local eBay :tup: You're a sweetheart, mwah! :kiss:
  12. Did you say tres fabuleux just because or are you French by any chance? :nuts:Dahlias are shipped from Paris btw, and hopefully will be here in a day or two:graucho:

    I had a look...lots of Gucci bags but no Sukey:sad:. I check there very often though, so will keep this baby in mind for you! :flowers:

    Btw, its 8.36 pm and I am playing around with my desk chair. Its a cool one but I have no clue what to do with half of the settings and knobs it has, almost fell off a few minutes ago:biggrin:
  13. Hee hee, I say tres fabuleux a lot, I love French. Tres chic, also one of my favorites ;) Hope they will arrive soon!

    Aw, that's okay Nat, thanks for looking! Really appreciate it! Be careful now, you don't wanna fall of your chair! [​IMG]

    8:45 pm here :biggrin:
  14. Aaah, I love French, used to live in Paris and it was la plus fabuleuse annee de ma vie!:shame: Will PM you with links should I find something.;)

    I stopped messing with the chair, I need to be up and running tomorrow:biggrin:

    09.07 pm, decided to spoil myself with full calories coca cola!
  15. I'm in California and it's currently 12:32 pm Pacific time.
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