what time is it in england

  1. hey guys!

    What time is is right now in England? What is the basic time difference b/t the US east coast and London? One of my best friends is heading over there now, so I figured i should get the time straight for emailing and calling -- and what better place to check than here on our international forum:smile:

  2. I think it's 5 hours ahead of east coast in the US.
  3. Hi, i'm in Italy but i'm from England so i know the exact time,It's 2:30 here therefore it's 1:30 in the morning in the UK
  4. yup 1:38 here
  5. ^^^Thanks girls!
  6. isnt england 4 hours after EST time?
  7. No, 5 hours ahead. So when it's 12:00 in London, it's 7:00 in NYC.
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