What time do stores open tomorrow? (Victoria's Secret, etc)??

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  1. Thanks!! I tried to call one but there is no recording that says the store's hours tomorrow.

    I figure the day after Xmas, stores like Victoria's Secret will open early??:confused1:
  2. our mall (south coast plaza) is open 9am to 10pm on the 26th. try looking up your local mall for holiday hours. the company (store) site may not have holiday hours listed just because it'd be way too many numbers to post for such a short period of time.
  3. Macy's in Sacramento open up at 7am tomorrow. I think the mall opens at either 8am or 9am.
  4. ^^ i agree but there are some stores that might be opening at 7 also since the department stores ((or at least macy's)) will be opening at 7 am.
  5. Thanks so much everyone :smile: