What ? This old thing ?

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  1. How many of you sneak in bags under the radar to avoid the wrath of your OH who doesn't 'get' your bag habit or positively opposes it for one reason or another ?
    We've had the odd mention here of all brown bags looking the same etc - do you have any sneaky little tricks ?

    My DH is a canny businessman who is keen on negotiation and buying & selling . He knows all about the cost of Mulberry bags including the pre loved market and suggested that I might like to buy & sell the odd one ..

    I jumped at the suggestion and have just bought the first one - a lovely never used Olive Phoebe for a bargain price. He was very impressed with my purchase :yahoo: ...but what he doesn't know is that I have no intention of selling it. ;) I explained that I would have to wait 90 days for my feedback to drop off.....which gives me plenty of time to buy a few more until he rumbles my cunning plan !! :graucho: by which time I hope he will have forgotten all about them anyway.
  2. ^^ Hilarious Slowhand!! This is feminine wiles at its best!
  3. hee hee, Slowhand. Men are so naive.
  4. Well done Slowhand. I just tell my husband "you're not meant to "get it"". normally works.
  5. Cunning plan Slowhand :biggrin: :biggrin:

    OH of 4 years knows better than to pick at my Mulberry fetish as the one and only time he tried I politely pointed out that whatever I spend on myself in total, including bags, clothes, concert tickets, sheet music, fabric etc would never match what he spends in a year on camera equipment, external hard disks, memory cards and all things Apple :biggrin: :biggrin:
  6. I like it slowhand:biggrin:

    My DH has a weakness for power tools/ machinery but he says that they are an investment in his workshop:nuts: I don't ask too many questions on the understanding that he'll do likewise!!!
  7. Smart girl :smile: Very good idea.

    Oh my, my husband just doesn't get my obsession with handbags. I will switch bags and he will say "another bag?" and I will say "oh yes, that was in my closet and I thought I would use it" and he just shakes his head and says "I don't get it". If he only knew that now I have a Mulberry obsession...

    Handbags and shoes...very addictive.
  8. I'm just saying that I've moved on from shoes to bags. I think he is glad as he could not understand why I needed so many pairs of shoes. But very soon he will not be able to understand why I need so many bags!!!
  9. You are all sooooooooooooo funny about the big H's in your lives ,can I say I'm sure I am a good bit older than you all and things don't change. Men are men and will never understand!!!!!!!!!!!! We gals don't change either!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  10. Brilliant! so funny.

    I've had to keep one a hiding over christmas, as I had bought two mulberry's in the space of 2 months. She came out on christmas eve - I think I eased the furrowed brow expression as I wrapped her up and wrote a label saying it was from the dog!

    I only spend my own hard earned money on my bags but I sill feel naughty sometimes.
  11. Me too. I do sometimes get the guilts even though I shouldn't really! My dh is very sensible about money, but I'm definitely not. I think we balance each other overall.

    Funnily enough, I bought a bag after Christmas which is in it's box under the spare room bed. It's really a summer bag, so when when my mum ask what I want for my birthday in April - I will be telling her a lovely summer bag which has already been bought, to make things easy for her. All she has to do is pay for it!:smile:
  12. I'm really lucky. My DH doesn't "get" it of course but equally he supports me. He knows full well how much they cost but he also knows that I move bags on that I don't use. He hardly spends anything on himself which frees up more FOR ME!! I don't think he'd notice if I had a new one without telling him but he is so supportive I feel I have to tell him (and risk the rolling eyes).
  13. Same here, My OH is very sensible with money and I am so naughty! Just as well really!

    Good plan with the birthday bag!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. ^^^ I am the same, Mr H is very sensible, whereas Im the opposite. Causes a lot of hassle sometimes, plus he still hasnt been introduced to plum roxanne...
  15. Lola, really smart !!

    Even though I spend my own hard earned money too I still feel naughty. And hide a bit under the radar. Normally it will pass some two weeks before a new bag comes out, but not always. DH has resigned about it and knows that it will never "get better", actually there was never a problem. Still you have the feeling strangely enough ! But to my defence I must also say that I am quite good at rehoming the ones that don't get used too much. Problem is how many do you need?