What this bag call?

  1. I bought this bag from outlet at hilton head SC.2 weeks ago.The leather very soft. But I dont know the styles name? What is this bag call?

    anybody like this bag or should I return it for another new styles. [​IMG]
  2. I think that's called a book tote, maybe from the Hampton's line. It may be made for the outlet stores but I'm not certain. Is that the lilac color? It's very pretty - I'd keep it if you like it.
  3. I almost bought this in the brown suede at the outlet. If you go to the Coach website and click on Classics, you'll see the brown suede one and the name's there. This lilac color is really nice......maybe I should head down to the outlet.......
  4. The BF really liked it at the outlet, but there was just something I didn't like about it...
  5. I like that it is a tote that zips at the top ! It is pretty and very springy !
  6. That color is so pretty. It's a keeper.
  7. I sooo love the pebbled leather. It's cute and springy!