What ?? There Better Not Be Anything Going On,** New Couple Alert** !

  1. [​IMG]
    It looks like Sienna Miller is really enjoying her new found singledom. The Hollywood It Girl was recently papped cozying up to P Diddy, just days after being linked to Josh Hartnett.

    The 25-year-old actress was first spotted partying with the hip hip impresario at Harry O's nightclub, in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival.

    Now TMZ offers new video of our girl Sisi getting dropped off by Diddy at her NYC hotel this morning after yet another wild night of partying together.

    It's worthy of noting, Diddy's long-time girlfriend and babymama Kim Porter gave birth to twins just over a month ago.

    Diddy seemed to have been caught off guard when he was spotted entering a New York hotel Sunday morning with Sienna Miller.

  2. Maybe just some harmless banter.
    I don't think he'd fall for her, she's soo skanky.
  3. P better calm down.
  4. Wow !
  5. No way , just had two babies.
  6. This seems like a case of don't believe everything you read. If you look at the video, it shows 2 other people get out of the car with them!

    Here is a conclusion...Here is TMZ jumping to on top of it.
  7. why was my post edited?
  8. Exactly !! i wouldn't be shocked at all !
  9. Eek.
  10. :throwup: :shocked: ..well as long as not with Josh..I am ok lol
  11. Ah I hope he is not doing this!
  12. Eww, P diddly is a big man skank,I never knew this side of Sienna!
  13. this is exactly what i was talking about! i brought the OK! magazine at first...just read about this.

    turns out they caught him singing a song, love song and was looking at her, everytime he said "you're my favorite girl" "you're so special"

    hMmmmm....and he has how many kids with Kim?!
  14. P Diddy didn't marry the twins mom? :wtf::throwup:
  15. What a jerk. He don't luv Kim anyway, he would have dun married her by now...and made an honest women of her!