what the...?

  1. okay. i ordered my stuff on dec. 29. got two separate emails about delivery (a charm was being sent separate, for whatever reason).

    but i was just checking the tracking just now. the charm is in tn now, no big deal- set to be delivered tomorrow. BUT, the other one (with my wristlet, beauty case, and other charm) isn't showing up with ANY tracking, except "jan 2, 2007- package data transmitted to fedex"

    and i know these still must be in two separate orders, if for no other reason than the weights are different. one is 4 lbs and the other is just a pound (that's the charm one).

    so what's happening with my other package?! i've never had a problem with the tracking on fedex...
  2. It still may arrive tomorrow. SOmetimes FedEx doesn't get the info into their system.
  3. i know...maybe it's paranoia. but 99% of the packages i get are fedex and this has NEVER happened..
  4. I was supposed to get my order tomorrow (according to tracking) and it came today. It probably is a problem with FedEx.
  5. Fed Ex - Coach uses 1 tracking number for multiple boxes. Had this happen to me with a bracelet.
  6. there are two separate tracking numbers, though. is that just a formality?
  7. well. fed ex came.

    and it was only the one charm.

    so where's my other package?! THAT was the one i really wanted!!!
  8. Can you call them and/or Coach to find out what's going on?
  9. just got off the phone with coach just now and waiting for a call back, after they talk to fedex and see what's going on.
  10. so much for calling me back within 30 minutes, like she promised! but, apparently, the label was made for the box...but, beyond that, it just got lost.

    so, they're sending me out new stuff on monday, which means i won't get it until wednesday. (and i know it sounds stupid, but i was my $8.50 back on my original shipping...hmph).
  11. Sorry for your wait, you are not alone, I am awaiting my lips charm. Such a little thing to be so excited about. ;)
  12. Hang tight ladies - your things will be there soon! :yes: How frustrating though!

    If you want to look on the bright side, at least you have Coach things on the way! :graucho:
  13. i'm only upset becuase THEY screwed up. i have zero tolerance for stuff like that, when i'm putting out a few hundred bucks.
  14. I don't blame you, when I said such a little thing to be excited about, I meant me and my lips charm!
  15. I wouldn't be suprised if you end up getting both packages.