what the ****!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. disgusting... i hate how the cherries faces look so creepy on the fake ones i'm getting more and more angry with ebay :sad:
  2. Oh that's just a flat out, down right insult! So GROSS! I mean, first off the cerises speedy never came in a 30, it was a 25. Plus this one takes the form of a MC Speedy. And what's with the luggage tag... she's got some nerve saying that it's authentic!!!
  3. LOL! :lol: I'm sorry, but it's just so ugly that I have to laugh.
  4. I saw this one! I feel bad that people actually spend money and think that's real!!
  5. Gosh, can it yell Fake any louder???:nuts:
  6. Okay - tonight I'm going to have nightmares about evil cherries chasing me down and killing me. Thanx(!)

  7. I have this one....do you really think its fake???????


  8. LOL! i saw someone carrying one like this the other day..i took like 5 mins to explain all the reasons it was fake to my BF
  9. you actually saw someone carrying that:sick:
  10. Poor little cherries... they look a bit drunken, don't ya think?
  11. That's friggin rediculous! And 14 bids!!
  12. I KNOW!!! The fake cherries scare me !!
  13. Ahahaha demon cherries